The Swedish Models

The Swedish Models


The Swedish Models are a rock group. We have written songs. We have played shows together and with others..... We have now joined TO PLAY TOGETHER as THE SWEDISH MODELS. Keep a lookout for The Swedish Models who will be featured on MTV2's ON THE RISE


The Swedish Models are a complete five piece of blistering vocalists and
multi-instrumental writers.

Hailing from the sleepy beach-town of Ocean Beach, California the five
rockers in The Swedish Models came together when Dusty Paul (drums, keys
and vocals) and Mark Wiskowski (bass) kidnapped and held for ransom of a
6-pack of Newcastle a stuffed monkey from the porch of Ryan Waller
(vocals, guitar), their then unknown and unsuspecting neighbor. An
immediate friendship began as they began to hanging out and supporting
their previous musical collectives (Cape May and The Jury). After some
more Newcastles and other shared experiences, a line-up was set with the
addition of two talented multi-instrumentalists, Andrew Bernhardt
(vocals, guitar and keys) and Andrew McNally (drums, keys and vocals).

The Swedish Models began writing scorching songs and honing a live show
seeped in the traditions of rock and roll. Their songs take on
chameleon-like approaches that combine their colorful personalities,
original sound influences and knack for live performance. In a sense, 5
golden children delivered from a stork to place compelling melodies and
catchy hooks into people's minds. The members of the band revolve around
their stage, exchanging instruments and expressing their creative and
aesthetical prowess. At the moment the band has a DIY recording which
they put laid to tape in one 8-hour session and currently writing songs
and preparing to record their first official release, which is expected
to have a Spring 2008 release.


The Adventures of the Swedish Models EP (2007)