The Sweet Delights

The Sweet Delights


We are a rock band influenced by sixties soul and early Funkadelic. Mix that in with a classic rock sound, hip-hop, country and doo-wop and you have The Sweet Delights.


Formed in the late 90's, college friends Obie Savage and Sean Tress recorded "Sweet Milk", 20 lo-fi tracks filled with samples and Casio riffs. It wasn't until seven years after "Sweet Milk" that the two reformed and teamed with George Lyras to begin work on a follow up album. Seventeen new tracks were recorded and the release of "Sweet Sweet Delights Baadasssss Songs" EP was teamed with outrageous stage perfomances. Through several changes of live backing members, the band found itself complete with its current eight man line up and went straight into the studio to record what can be considered their official first album, "Sweet Science". Losing the samples, the band spent 15 months drawing from their heavy influences of soul and funk to complete the album. The album is to be followed with touring through the summer and fall of 2009.


Rub It Scrub It

Written By: The Sweet Delights

Rat on a rope
Goose on a chain
Hair on your soap
Curse on your name
The crab brigade
Is on your trail
We got your check
It's in the mail

If you don't see what you want
You got to rub for it
If you don't see what you want
You got to scrub for it

I fell into a dream
It was something strange
My old lady said
to act my age
But I was a young man
and I can't be tied down
Gonna get mine
Anyway, Anyhow


Jumped out of a plane
On a trampoline
Flew back to sky
Right in your dreams
Hey there pretty lady
Read the magazines
I'm running for the prez
And I'll kiss your baby


We cast a spell
Marie Laveau
We be jammin'
Club Nuveau
I lost my voice
at the last May show
It was no thing
Just sang through Joe

You can catch me hangin out
at Lens Crafters
Talking to optometrists
and trying on glasses
So I can see all the ladies
shake their asses
I'm like a superhero
Saving children from disasters

Sweatin' me baby
Don't go sweatin too hard
I only get you pregnant
in the back of your car
Swearing up and down
that you're hip to scene
While you spending
all your cabbage
You live with no green


Lunch 'til Ham

Written By: The Sweet Delights

Saw a sign in North Carolina
For a very different kind of diner
Deserts, lunch meat, and vagina
Ain't no taste that could be finer

Hot fudge, shaved pussy,
Lunch 'til ham

Look out for my rooster crowing
Cause no one knows where
he'll be going
Got to get some in his belly
If you see that rooster, tell me

Hot fudge, shaved pussy,
Lunch 'til ham

Come on down to my Carolina diner
I got the tastiest vagina
Sweet potatoes, and apple pie too
Not required, shirt and shoes
Chip chop ham
and chocolate truffles
You'll never have
to park in mud puddles
Bring your pork and
I'll have it pulled
There's nothing like
Carolina barbecue

Hot fudge, shaved pussy,
Lunch 'til ham


Written By: The Sweet Delights

If you seen where I been
Then you know where to start
Just follow my word
I'll get you higher than you are

With a choice of left
and decision of right
You can take either way
It's just a state of what you like

Why won't you lead me
Just follow you
Why won't you help me
Just follow you
Why won't you save me
I think I'm lost
Tell it to me one more time

Why won't you lead me
Just follow you
Why won't you help me
Just follow you
Why won't you save me
I think I'm lost
Let me just break it down

[Verse 1]
I was by the river
Counting stones in my pathway
I skipped a stone in time
I lost my way my mind
It's harder to calculate
I sacrificed my Father's advice
Things aren't adding up
This substraction is a distraction
Solar power, battery's dead
Where is my son God?
My problems get harder at night
Won't you please come down
Please come down
Please come down
And shine that light


[Verse 2]
I was at the bus stop
Someone passed to look like you
I got up to follow
I was led to a bank
Automated teller beeps
My pockets filled with light
Fever takes over
Dead nights when I used to be sober
Numb sensation, calloused hands
Bring me back
I want to be touched by you
Please tell me where to go
Please tell me where to go
I just, just don't know what to do

Forty days for my lent
The snake has come for the rent
I pay no mind and off he went
It turns out
(Beefheart was the serpent)

I ate the bread
And drank the cup
Left the party
Wasn't enough
Washed with water
to change my luck
My sins remained
(I made the rivers dry up)

As I hung men on my side
They're both the same
and both are tried
The one is shamed
The other lied
Who's to judge?
(Which one slips, which one slides?)

I raised the cross
Who wrote the songs?
I made two rights
from one wrong
I stayed awhile
I don't belong
Took two more rights
(I'm back to where I started from)


Love is on Fire

Written By: The Sweet Delights

Love is on fire in the 21st century
Love only knows
what that little gun meant to me
Cruising down the road
to that marshmallow bar
Before I realized
I had traveled to far
Stepped out the 87 regal hackman
Saw the cyclops and said
you better move back man
Cyclops dropped his pistol
into the sea
Love is on fire in the 21st century

People started running
lighten up torches
Shots were being fired
from all the unicorns porches
Cops were everywhere
most of them were dead
Cyclops was drinking wine
and passing out bread
The people were all hungry
They were scared and alone
It was like a scene
from the quadead zone
The cyclops poured
some sweet milk
and handed it to me
Love is on fire in the 21st century.

My mind is dry and heavy
I been eight days on the road
And I never learned
from anything I been told
My wallet's filled with peanuts
It's worn and abused
I picked a plastic duck
Turned it over said you lose

People always say
That love will come to me
But I'm in a pawn shop
Getting my guns for free
When the moon is halved
and there is a raging sea
That's when love is on fire
in the 21st century

The cyclops wasn’t scared
when the sun went down
He was laughing at the antics
of an old circus clown
I played in my head
a tune on caliope
It was a thunderous
carnival melody
The clown pulled out a needle
and popped all his balloons
And with that action
we knew that were doomed
Cyclops drew a picture
and it looked just like me
Love is on fire in the 21st century


Sweet Science (2009)
Sweet Sweet Delights Baadasssss Songs (EP 2007)
Sweet Milk (EP 1999)

Set List

30 Something
Evil E Dawg
Benson Time
Love is on Fire
Lunch 'til Ham
Top of the Heap
Crane Operator
Quadead Zone
Rub It Scrub It
General Mills

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