The Sweethearts

The Sweethearts

 Austin, Texas, USA


The Sweethearts are a female fronted, pop/punk group from Austin, TX. They play catchy pop punk and are influenced by The Ramones and girl groups of the 1960's. The Sweethearts will be releasing their third LP, "Traces of Time" on Eccentric Pop Records in February 2018. They released their first two albums, "L.U.V" (2003) and "Looks Could Kill" (2005) on Mortville Records. They also self released their EP, "Take Note" in 2008. The Sweethearts are originally from Brownsville, TX and have built a following playing shows all over Texas since 1999. The band has performed at the SXSW festival and have also toured the U.S. to promote their albums. You can expect a fun punk rock show from these upbeat and energetic musicians.


Traces of Time- LP, Eccentric Pop Records (2018)

Take Note- EP Self-Released (2008)

Looks Could Kill- LP Mortville Records (2005)

L.U.V -LP, Mortville Records (2003)