The Sweet Homewreckers
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The Sweet Homewreckers

Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

Peterborough, Ontario, Canada
Band Rock Pop


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"McMaster newspaper (CD Review)"

(three and a half stars) "...the disc has a rugged independent charm that lends itself to the warm songs. With a penchant for songwriting and a growing live reputation, expect these guys and gals to progress with each release."
- The Silhouette, Hamilton

"The View Magazine"

Interest in The Sweet Homewreckers has been burgeoning
with their debut full–length and second release (an EP is out
already) From the Letdown to the Come Around. Malcolm along
with bandmates Robyn Letson (Bass/Vocals), Neil Hirsch (Guitar/
Vocals), Mike Scott (Drums/Percussion), Melissa Pengilly
(Trumpet) and Dianna Thoms (Trumpet) have created a unique
mish–mash of sounds that coalesce many themes and genres
permeating contemporary popular music, like obsessively
classical instrumentation, complex melodic interplay, a perchance
for inebriated alternative country and a dedication to strong,
succinct songwriting. There is a thematic stranglehold of country
and folk music sweetening up these Homewreckers, but the
beauty comes from their experimentation with the tried and true,
their anti–traditionalist instrumentation and love of all things pop
and rock. Simply, The Sweet Homewreckers draw myriad musical
maps, and their new full–length is a veritable notebook of
sketches, tracings and doodles.
Recorded in Ancaster with the help of The Ride Theory’s
Aron D’Alesio and Jamie Andrew in less than a week, From The
Letdown is a mature testament to a group of individuals who has
grown considerably in the past four years, both in and out of the
classroom. Historicized, almost storybook songs buttress the
album (“Southwestern” and “City on a Hill”), while the
musicianship is tight and tasteful. The focus is on the song, and
the sextet has impressively come together in unison to promote
the story over and above each individual interpretation. An
impressive debut indeed.
- The View, Hamilton

"Chart Magazine"

This young sextet hail from Peterborough, Ontario, but you could swear that they really formed in Halifax in the early '90s, as the ragged pop glory of Superfriendz, Thrush Hermit and even a bit of Sloan has made a definite imprint on many of this debut disc's 12 songs. Most impressive is opener "Wild America," a slightly askew but infectious pop tune nicely augmented by twin trumpets and handclaps. The Sweet Homewreckers haven't captured indie buzz band status yet, but this introduction and songs such as "City On A Hill," "Louis" and "True Love Denies" show that they've got the potential to reach a wider audience somewhere not too far down the road - Chart


Is it still too early for mid-’90s nostalgia? If so, please don’t tell the Sweet Homewreckers. The Peterborough-based band (who lovingly borrow their name from a Thrush Hermit record) have crafted an album that sounds like it came straight out of Halifax circa 1994. The kids wear their influences on their sleeves but manage to sound fresh despite re-treading familiar ground. It’s all there — the handclaps, the harmonies and the peppy dance songs balanced out by earnest ballads. Even Cam Malcom’s plaintive singing voice seems familiar, made up of equal parts Joel Plaskett, Wayne Petti and Matt Murphy. This one’s worth a few spins for “Nineties On Your Side” and “True Love Denies,” instant classics for the Converse One Star set. For true fans of the ’90s East Coast explosion, From The Letdown To The Comearound sounds like home sweet home. - Exclaim


From the Letdown to the Comearound (LP) - available from Put On Your Drinking Cap Records, November 2006.

Sweet Casualty (EP) - Independant release, November 2005.



If it's true that there is a tendency for young bands to wear their influences on their sleeves, the
Sweet Homewreckers evidently can't decide which shirt to throw on. Formed in the small university town of Peterborough, ON, the Sweet Homewreckers are six-piece rock and roll outfit. They're tight enough to show the contours, but loose enough to let you move around. Take your basic two guitars, bass and drums, and throw in some horns for added appeal. As for the contents of their closet, the ensemble is quite eclectic. Their music has been described as harkening to the days of "Halifax East-coast pop, with a long awaited nod to early Beulah" and "a fine mix of soft pop influences with hints of sweet 60s styles." Truth be told, it's hard to peg this band down, and as fans of anything-goes independent rock and/or roll, these young players couldn't be happier.

That's not to say they lack focus, just listen to the music: their first full-length release, From the Letdown to the Comearound, is a testament to their comfort with versatility. Equally at home beside dads worn out copy of Harvest, or your latest Canadian independent spins, the record is a mishmash-spectacular, bursting with melody that won't disappoint. Interwoven in the music are stories of old times and new places, attempts to reconcile the nostalgic past with an uncertain future. This is the nature of the new release musical and lyrical history; this bands got a story to tell, and they have a mighty intriguing way of telling it. In the giant strip mall that is indie music, The Sweet Homewreckers and their brand new CD are eager to ditch the clothes-hanger and become part of your musical wardrobe.

We have recently had our music featured on the CBC Radio 3 Podcast, CBC Radio 3's "Track of the Day"and CBC Radio 1. Our video for "Wild America" has been featured on Muchmusic and MTV Canada. We have recieved press in Chart Magazine and numerous campus publications. "From the Letdown to the Comearound" has charted nationally on Canadian Campus Radio and has recieved airplay in all regions of the country.

We have had the pleasure to share the stage with: Cuff the Duke, The Golden Dogs, The Ride Theory, Magneta Lane, The Bicycles, Pony Up, The Frontier Index, BA Johston, and Their Majesties