Los Angeles, California, USA

The Sweet Kill is a one-man Electronic band whose symphonic melodies, dance rhythms and intense lyrics articulate alienation and rage that provokes and attracts large audiences. The diviner of this millenarian angst is Pete Mills, who writes, arranges, performs, and produces all of the songs.


Pete Mills, grew up in Vancouver Canada where he began playing bass in punk band Flash Bastard. After dropping out of the Jazz Studies program at Capilano University Mills enrolled in a recording program at Columbia Academy. Apprenticing under Dave Ogilvie, who worked with greats like NIN and David Bowie, Mills became inspired to record demos for Flash Bastard switching over from bass to guitar. Acting as the bands manager he was able to sign Flash Bastard to Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue's record label Americoma/BMG. After a short chaotic run as an opening band on the North American Motley Crue tour Flash Bastard broke up and the members went their separate ways. Persevering Mills met a female singer/stylist Toni Forbes and the two started the duo Dirty Blonde. Pete played all the instruments on the EP they wrote/recorded and after 2 months inside Mills' Studio, The Audio Lab, the duo found themselves signing a deal with the indie label Sound-Virus Records. Being managed by Sam Feldman & Associates as Mills was given the opportunity to fly down to LA to co-mix the Dirty Blonde debut "Heart" with Anthony "Fu" Valcic. This got the attention of X-Orgy members Julien-K's record label who wanted to release the album worldwide. Upon his return to Canada Mills was challenged with creative differences that forced the split of Dirty Blonde and to add heartache to headache shortly there after Forbes committed suicide. It was these experiences, knowledge and artistry that paved the way for Mills to relocate to Los Angeles and form The Sweet Kill. Currently Mills resides and records in his studio remixing P-Diddy, Soulkid1 and Godhead, and recording up and coming artists. When visiting Vancouver Mills furthers The Sweet Kill's electronic execution by recording at Bryan Adams' Warehouse Studio with drummer Shawn Mrazek for the upcoming "Suicide EP". On stage one will find the athletically inclined singer hanging from the rafters and holding his own on lead guitar. Born from the Lou Reed school of lyrics Pete's passionate soul is realized when he performs on stage, truly a sight to behold.



"SUICIDE EP" forthcoming release

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