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The Swiftys

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada | INDIE

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada | INDIE
Band Americana Country


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"4 out of 5 stars"

"It's a Saturday afternoon. Waylon Jennings and Johnny Cash are living in Edmonton and work their way through the snow to toss back a few as they plug the VLTs at the Rose and Crown pub. They get up for the afternoon jam and are visited by unexpected guests bearing dobros, violins (not fiddles), cellos, bowed basses, Hammond M3 organs, alto saxophones, trumpets and congas to create something familiar yet undeniably different. They play pretty ballads, outlaw country rockers, a pretty decent version of "Only Daddy That'll Walk The Line" and even an instrumental mariachi number! The Swiftys are a trio led by Old Reliable guitarist Shawn 'Swifty' Jonasson and are following a trail traveled by fellow Albertan and buddy Corb Lund. However Jonasson is more influenced by traditional 70's country - with a few daring twists and turns - than the 50's and 60's feel of Corby's work." 4/5 stars
- Winnipeg Free Press

"Authentic Outlaw Country Sound"

Built around former Old Reliable main man Shawn Jonasson, this new trio strips that bands sound down to the bare essentials, and as a result comes up with an authentic outlaw country sound. It's uncanny, in fact, how Jonasson and company are able to channel the spirit of Waylon Jennings into this debut album. I'm sure ol Hoss would have given his full blessing to songs like "Find Another Fool" and "Misty". They even take a stab at Waylon's trademark "Only Daddy That'll Walk the Line", with great reverence. But there s much more going on as well. Jonasson s multi-instrumental talents fill out the sound nicely, and his songs ring with a depth of loneliness that can only come from the Canadian prairies. While the Swiftys sound may be too traditional to break through to the wide alt-country crowd, it can't be argued that these guys are the real deal, and following in the footsteps of people like Jennings who made country music great."
- !exclaim Magazine

"Unmistakably Country"

The Swiftys you see are unmistakably country... they drip with it! - The Edmonton Sun

"Brilliant Debut"

If the three weren't all such experienced musicians we would be hailing the dawn of bright new talent, instead we'll just have to settle for a brilliant debut."
- Maverick Magazine

"Old Scotch Whiskey"

From the moment Jonasson croons his first few lines, his voice sounds like a close cousin to Johnny Cash's, as deep and strong as an old Scotch whiskey."
- Vue Magazine

"The Swiftys - Ridin' High"

"Just when you may have thought that dirty roots and roll music with a dark edge had been done to death, an album like the Swiftys' Ridin' High drops in and makes you buy the next round. These cats have a leathertight grip on what they do and their brand of 26-ounce grit and howl hits the mark completely." - Jeff Monk/Winnipeg Free Press - Winnipeg Free Press

"The Swiftys - Ridin' High"

"It's black as coffee, and a testament to the struggles of life, drinking your way in and out of them, and coming up on the other side to properly tell the tale. It's also the best alternative country album of the year thus far" - Shane Shapiro/View

- The View

"Thundering Alt Country"

"It's basic thundering alt-country, with heartfelt intensity, laser-like solos and the odd layered embellishment like Dan Walsh's hot dobro and Melissa Stefaniw's backing vocal in You Belong, or the fiddle in Bottle of Wine" - Barry Hammond/Penguin Eggs

- Penguin Eggs


The Swiftys-The Swiftys (2003)
Ridin' High - The Swiftys (2008)



Since their inception in 2002, the Swiftys have been determined to make heartfelt country music, and to make it their way. They have been dubbed "modern outlaws," both for their love of the maverick country movement of the 1970's, and for their desire to follow inspiration wherever it may lead them. They fervently believe that the integrity of a well-honed and honest band can exist outside of the conventions of musical norms.
While they wear their influences on their sleeves, their heroes themselves -- ranging from the rugged Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash and Merle Haggard, to rock'n'rollers the Band and CCR, to the sophisticated Lucinda Williams, Buddy Miller, and Steve Earle -- have shown the Swiftys that the development of one's own expressiveness is paramount, and they have intended to follow that lesson from the start.
Though they are fortunate to have many talented musical cohorts join them occasionally onstage or in the studio, the Swiftys are at their core a trio, creating a lean, tough, identifiable sound together that's as likely to get youngsters rocking as it is to get old-timers two-stepping.
Shawn "Swifty" Jonasson, the band's namesake, put the group together after he decided that, having contributed his abilities as a guitar player, keyboardist, saxophonist, arranger, and producer to a host of projects, the time had come for him to find a forum for his own songs. Having played and recorded with the likes of the House of Payne, Jen Kraatz, the George Bushes, and Trevor Rockwell, as well as Old Reliable, Shawn brings hefty experience as well as an Atlas-like work ethic to the Swiftys. He handles the lead vocals and guitar as well as being the chief songwriter and producer in the band. Grant "Stovetop" Stovel is another young fellow whose experience belies his years. Having spent the bulk of his adult life playing drums in blues bands, Grant gives the Swiftys a dynamic, propulsive centre for the music to writhe around. He has traveled internationally as a drummer, playing both with Canadian blues luminaries like Sue Foley, Brent Parkin, Harpdog Brown, and Donald Ray Johnson, as well as with a host of legendary American blues figures, such as Pinetop Perkins, Billy Boy Arnold, Big Jack Johnson, and Lazy Lester.
The newest member is Moses Gregg who provides the bountiful bottom end to the Swiftys sound on upright bass.
Together, the Swiftys strive to create honest, no-nonsense music derived from sincere songwriting and the musical chemistry that they share together. Their efforts have resulted in an old fashioned country music sensibility that weaves in stray fragments of their interest in blues, jazz, rock'n'roll, Western swing and whatever else might be lingering in their collective subconscious. They have produced wo albums to date and with Swifty's relocation to Dauphin, Manitoba where he has built his own recording studio it probably won't be long before album number 3 is on the way. Their career thus far has seen them tour far and wide, sharing bills with some of their favorite artists such as the Sadies, the Corb Lund Band, Lucinda Williams, Marty Stuart and Rodney Crowell. They have appeared at some of the most highly-regarded music festivals in the world as well as many famous and infamous clubs. Most importantly they have made a lot of good friends along the way. They earnestly look forward to whatever is in store for them around the next bend of their chosen path.

“It can’t be argued that these guys are the real deal”
exclaim! Magazine

“From the moment Jonasson croons his first few lines, his voice sounds like a close cousin to Johnny Cash’s, as deep and strong as an old Scotch whiskey.”
Vue Magazine

“What you can draw from Jonasson’s music is that it’s true to the heart, and perhaps that’s why it strikes a chord so similar to its great, no-bullshit country forefathers”
SEE Magazine

“If the three weren’t all such experienced musicians we would be hailing the dawn of bright new talent, instead we’ll just have to settle for a brilliant debut.”
Maverick Magazine

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