TAKE A DIP! "Impeccable pop instincts with candy-striped psychedelia and lyrical imagery seemingly lifted from comic books and video games" (Featuring members of An Albatross, The Fuses and Lewis & Clarke)


Scranton, PA. Birthplace of a refreshingly unique music scene and of indie-popsters, the SW!MS.

It’s like a stiff shot of bubblegum flavored electricity. Their music has been referred to as "a psychedelic, musical sugar high". Their style is fresh and innovative, while seamlessly blending diverse influences ranging from 60's pop sensibilities to 70's classic rock swagger, all with an 00's attitude. Song topics run the gamut from love, to the Mighty Kraken, wizards, lava, Vikings, centaurs and bejeweled chalices in remote castles. It's all transformed into wonderful music in the hands of these capable craftsmen.

Formed at the turn of the century, the band includes former and current members of An Albatross, Lewis & Clarke and The Fuses. Their sound and reputation as hometown favorites quickly caught the attention of Prison Jazz Records, a visionary label with a knack for scouting and incubating some of Pennsylvania's best new talent.

The SW!MS released an EP and unleashed a full-length album called "Ride of the Blueberry Winter" through Prison Jazz in 2006. With production by Thom Monahan (Pernice Brothers, Beachwood Sparks, J Mascis, Lillies) and cover art by Montreal's Seripop (Hot Hot Heat, Dim Mak, Astralwerks), the album gained attention ranging from print magazines to online reviews. The music got snatched up for airplay on indie and college radio stations across the nation.

The SW!MS' new full length album, entitled "ITEMLORD", is out now on Wallride Records and is available at a variety of places, such as iTunes, Amazon and in retail stores.

It's obvious that the SW!MS strike a chord with listeners across the board, as evident in the wide cross section of people at their shows. From packing all-ages gigs (the front row full of doe-eyed girls) and playing college festivals, to filling venues like the Khyber in Philly or getting those finicky hipster kids dancing in NYC. Years of gigs have honed the live show into a supertight, energy-filled rock spectacle that never disappoints. They are charming, fun and charismatic. The SW!MS have had the pleasure of playing with the likes of Styx, The Spinto Band, REO Speedwagon, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Frightened Rabbits, Illinois, American Princes, The Teeth, And the Moneynotes, .38 Special, The National Eye, The Orange Opera, The Explorers Club, Aloha, The A-Sides and An Albatross.

Members of the SW!MS were tapped to play with The Scrantones, as well as cast members of NBC's "The Office," during The Office Convention in Scranton, which was attended by nearly 5,000 people. Shortly after, they were chosen to be a "spokes-band" for Fizzkicks.com.

The band was recently featured on a Daytrotter Session (http://www.daytrotter.com/dt/the-swims-hand-over-a-popcorn-suit-and-cue-robbie-knievel-with-the-stereophonic-bliss-concert/20030632-3737964.html).

Fans can enjoy a limited edition album, "Welcome to the Back of Beyond" which features SW!MS rarities, demos and alternate mixes. And a Holiday album called "Festooned! (A Pile of Christmas's)," which collects rare songs given to family & friends over the last 5 years.

Take a dip and enjoy The SW!MS.


Depth Charge

Written By: The Sw!ms

Bang, bang, you got a big bomb
But you ain't got no fuse
Well, splish, splash I got a depth charge (BOOM!)
I'm not afraid to use

Everything in the ocean is starting to spin
It's pullin' me under
A place with no ending is the place to begin
It's makin' me wonder

Hey, hey, we're joggin faster
Since we got these shoes
I'm gonna chew up your city
And spit it back at you

So feast your eyes upon the other side
You'd be surprised to find your still alive
With your hands and feet
Ego's dead
Circle is complete...

(No more meaning, give it feeling...)


March 2009, Wallride Records

1. All Is Nice
2. Ladyfist
3. Lycopene E-Loris (In The Calorie Forest)
4. EV-9D9
5. Descend Into My Cape
6. Pile Of Features
7. Celery Clothes
8. Take A Dip
9. Turbo-Lined Suit
10. 1993 San Antonio Spurs
11. Falcon Eater
12. Center Eye

"Ride of the Blueberry Winter" -
February 2006, Prison Jazz Records
(marble vinyl LP on Wallride Records)

1. C'moff It
2. Blood In The Lanai
3. We Need Lava
4. Clean Escape
5. Sara Jean
6. Depth Charge
7. C'mon Day
8. Yub-Yub
9. Knitting And Knitting
10. Vermillion Archer
11. What Place Of Man
12. Truffleberry Wine
13. Be My Lava Valkyrie
14. Feast Of Flames
15. Lose
16. Upstate Milkmaid

"Festooned! (A Pile of Christmas's)"
December 2007, Summersteps Records
Rare, unreleased Christmas themed songs (some classics and some originals, that may become classic).

"Welcome to the Back of Beyond" (2000-2002) -
August 2007, Summersteps Records

1. Umm, Yeah…About That Terror Mask
2. Eevee 9D9 (demo)
3. The Noid (demo)
4. Came in a Wasteland
5. Farmer Legg
6. Blood in the Lanai (demo)
7. Science of Speculation
8. Montgomery Shrapp
9. Knitting and Knitting (demo)
10. Mind the Slidekick
11. yah, dis? you dint see me do dis.
12. Everything You Say (pt. 1)
13. Jon vs. Tron-Bon (demo)
14. Busload of Art Students Forced to Watch Hollow Man
15. The Late 1800’s (demo)
16. Clash at Demonhead (demo)
17. In the Sun (snaxman redux)
18. Electrodiosis Yah
19. Pick, pick

"Snackfood Junction" EP -
June 2004, Prison Jazz Records

1. Depth Charge
2. Valhallaholic
3. In the Sun
4. Using Urban Shocker's Silver Pellet

"SW!MS" EP -
2003, Self-released

1. The Noid
2. Take the Monorail
3. Jon vs. Tron-Bon
4. Clash at Demonhead
5. The Late 1800's
6. The Science of Speculation
7. This is a Special Operator

Set List

The SW!MS typically play between 30 and 45 minutes of all-original music, but have been known to play as long as 2 hours when threatened with violence or large sums of cash.