The Swing Movement

The Swing Movement

 Ilkley, England, GBR

Live, we do our very best to perform our songs with the brooding intensity of Nina Simone, the nightmarish sawgger of Nick Cave and the faultless precision of Radiohead...


We The Swing Movement.

We are Joe Gamble // Ben Walker // Kieran Borrett // Patrick Wanzala-Ryan.

We from Ilkley, it's a tiny village.

We spend as much time writing and perfom songs, that is all we want to do forever.

We have performed these songs on lovely stages with many lovely folks including Foals // Yeasayer // Esser // Wild Beasts // Red Blood Shoes // Sons & Daughters // Dutch Uncles // Young Fathers // Screaming Lights // Team Waterpolo // Four Dead in Ohio...

We would probably fall into the Indie category. Real indie. Hopefully. To the extent that we ain't happy-go-lucky-jingle-jangle-radio-friendly-major-label shizzzle.

We played Leeds Festival 2007 and In The City 2008.

i don't know what else to say.


'Keep It Red' played on:
BBC Radio 1 by Huw Stephens
BBC Radio Leeds
BBC Radio Bradford
Bradford Community Radio
Radio Basile

Disaster played twice on BBC 6 by Tom Robinson

Jigsaw played once on BBC 6 by Steve Lamacq

Set List

Fighting Freak Show Circus
Keep Your Eyes Down Pt.1
The Town & The City