The Swing States Road Show

The Swing States Road Show


The Swing States Road Show is a group of road-seasoned acoustic musicians dedicated to traveling the country before the '06 elections, performing at progressive and DEM events - our goal: to clean House in '06.


The Swing States Road show performs original tunes and parodies dealing specifically with the State of the Union, the GOP, and our Commander in Chief. By definition, many of the songs are silly. Some are a little more pointed. Bottom line - they all swing!

Our influences include: Dan Hicks, Bob Dylan, Phil Harris, Bob Wills, Tony Orlando, REM, Loudon Wainwright, Michelle Shocked, and Woodie Guthrie.

The band oftens picks up talented local soloists as we travel.

Lea has performed at festivals and showcases from Seattle to Nashville (Bumbershoot, Northwest Folklife, Willamette Valley Folk Festival, Bluebird Cafe showcase).

Willy Gilmore played in every swing and bluegrass band in Eugene, Oregon from '85 to '97. He currently is living in an undisclosed location around Capitol Hill.

Multiple WAMMIE-award winning Seth Kibel plays clarinet and flute and directs the Alexandria Kleztet.

Dave Giegerich, another multiple WAMMIE-winner, plays dobro with us. He's the founder of the Hula Monsters.

Aaron Blouin is our bass man, playing stand up.



Written By: Lea Jones

Six o'clock in the morning
Turn the TV on
Good Morning America
All your sweet dreams are gone

Chemicals get you speeding
Better check your heartbeat
Juan Valdez goes leading the charge
To get your tired feet down the hot

And you're a slave
Chained to the system

Playing with your emotions
And your insecurities
Is how they keep you acquiring more
You can get yourself a piece

Pretty soon you've got it made
With a house, two cars, an RV
and a boat
The Good Hands People are smiling
They've got their good hands
Firmly around your throat

Chained to the System

You want to do your fair share
To save the suffocating earth
A Ben & Jerry's Peace Pop
Is fine for what its worth

Talking 'bout that greenhouse thing
Does it ever start to trouble you
To be cruising along to your festivals
In your sexy, sexy BMW

Chained to the system

You want to get on your pony & ride
But you can't find a way to unhobble
You won't be finding no answers
Til you admit that there's a

So now you're old and fading
Got your teeth stuck in a glass
Downhill charts up on the wall
Got tubes stuck down your throat,
got tubes stuck everywhere

They say you can't take it with you
So scratching and clawing you're
taking it all apart
You're scared to death of dying now
'Cause not once in your life did you
ever find your heart

Wired to the system

Listen to your heartbeat...


Our new CD - HOUSECLEANING - is at

Our first CD - Swing States - is available for purchase and listening ( and on

A bunch of Lea's songs have won awards. Lea's other (self-released) albums: Against the Wall, Feels Like Love to Me, More of Everything, Changing of the Guard, and Buffalo Romeo.

An original --"Turkeys in Texas"--was featured on a "Dump Dubya" compilation CD by Passive-Aggressive Records in NYC this spring.

A number of Lea's originals have been used in (indie) feature films.

Set List

The Swing States Road Show's set consists of all originals and parodies, and they're all political!! Some are subtle; some are stridently partisan.

The set runs about 30 minutes. Parodies: "Psycho Cowboy" and "Blues for Crawford." Originals: "Four More Years," "Turkeys in Texas," "It's OK to Be Rich," "Parking Lot," "You Don't Want to Know," and "What Kind of Fool."

Our CD-- Swing States--is available at as of August 1, 2004.

The Road Show can throw in classic folk, bluegrass, and country-rock covers easily enough and stretch out to a couple hours, if necessary, but that's not really what we're about.