The Switch

The Switch

 Hartford, Connecticut, USA


THE SWITCH is the latest production/songwriting duo featuring Pat Morrissey and Jessica Corazza from the Twin Cities. They started exclusively writing for German popsinger, Joana Zimmer, back in May of 2009 in St. Paul, MN. After teaming up with producer Will Ways from Urban World Management, they quickly hit the map as the newest up and coming pop songwriters from Minnesota. In July of 2009, they moved to Hartford, CT where they caught the attention of Planet of Sound recording studio as new songwriters for their production team. RT, owner of Planet of Sound, and notorious producer, "Talent", collaborated and produced their first hit "Echo". The success of that song served as a springboard for more collaborations for The Switch with artists such as King Charleton, Tramont and their latest hit "Goodbye Hello" featuring production and songwriting duo, The Goonies (Mike Minelli and Julian Santos aka Juice).

The Goonies and The Switch collaborated once again on a song called "Hope" for the Boston Celtics Haiti Relief commercial that is frequently broadcasted on NBC during Boston Celtics games for the 09-10 NBA season. Throughout the process of recording these tracks, The Switch, being members of ASCAP, attended songwriting events to preview the songs. During a recent SPONY event held in NYC, both singles, "Echo" and "Goodbye Hello", were chosen by PMP Worldwide and A&R exec for BAD BOY ENTERTAINMENT, Kobalt Music, and Reach Global Music Publishing, displaying their interest in them as songwriters and producers for potential future projects.

In February of 2010 the infamous CLIVE DAVIS, CEO of J RECORDS, personally hand picked 'Light the Way' by The Switch for one of his new artists for 2011, along with two other songs by producer,Talent, from Planet of Sound. Other tracks are going through the same process with DEF JAM RECORDS and UNIVERSAL RECORDS for 2011



Written By: The Switch

Verse 1:
This city makes me
Feel something electrified
I'm writing down a melody to describe
Stepping up and down the avenues
Feeling the sidewalks vibe
Underneath my shoes
Hoping to come across the beat
To make it feel like it's worth doing

Pre-hook 1:
Calling out to find ya
But I can't hear ya
With all the sound in my head
You hide and I seek
But I can't place the beat

Hear my echo, echo, echo (x3)
I'll go to you

Verse 2:
This city is just fine how it is
But I gotta feeling there's
Something that I missed
You and me can count
Many blocks apart
But there's an urban pulse
That beats thick in my heart
So don't come and find me
I'll be running twenty
Steps behind you
So don't come and find me
Let's make it feel
Like it's worth doing

Pre-hook 2:
Calling out to find ya (can you hear my call to you)
But I can hear ya
With all this sound in my head
You hide and I seek (can you hear my call)
But I can't place the beat


And when we get to the top
We'll see the skyline pull us up
To the stars that we are
They'll hear us echo, echo, echo
Echo, echo, echo
Our beat will echo

Pre-hook 2