The Sworn In

The Sworn In


Steeped in classic rock, in love with old school punk, raised on Otis Redding and Sam Cooke. The Sworn In are storming New Englands club scene with their distinctive brand of hook-heavy anthems, coupled with an undying drive to deliver passionate, high energy performances. Here we come!


Deep in the pine forests of New England.


MP3s located at

Our 1st EP is currently being produced at Hi-Life studios in Nowich, VT. Due out in May 2009.

Set List

Our current set is 45 minutes of original music.

A longer set is available on request.

Current Set List:

1. Call Me Red
2. Last One Out
3. Sun Never Rises
4. In Your Defense
5. The Curse
6. Ithaca
7. Sirens of the East
8. On My Own
9. In Fear
10. Farewell to Arms
11. Truth Is
12. This Battle