The Syllable Section

The Syllable Section


A three-piece with similarities to the psychedelic sound of Syd Barrett and the compostional structure of Antonin Dvorak: playing quirky, wholly original works that are both inspiring and profound and works that are also gauzy, experimentally minded pop that never straighten their tilted axis.


We, The Syllable Section, perform songs created by me (Matthew Thomas Marquardt) and are described by the AV Club/the Onion as "gauzy, experimentally minded pop that never straightens its tilted axis" and by whomever writes about bands at Empty Bottle as "a group that plays quirky, wholly original works that are both inspiring and profound." We consist of 2 full-time members (Matthew and Brian) and one part-timer (Brandon) and have been recording and/or playing shows in some fashion or another since 2003. There are 4 different 'albums' that I(Matthew) recorded on 8-track over that time period and now a new one entitled 'Linear Views'. Ideally, I would like to find someone to help me release it, so if you are interested please contact me! Oh, you can listen to it up there in that window above, it is 10 songs clocking in at 25 minutes and 48 seconds. Next on the agenda, aside from finding a label, are two more albums(one guitar based, as Linear Views is, and one piano based).


4 homemade extremely limited edition self-released records recorded on 8-track: Varia of the Vacuous Vale 2003, An Empty Lapse of Life 2004, Time's Inevitable End 2005, Myriad Beliefs 2007. Our new album, which is listed here in it's entirety, is a true studio record entitled Linear Views. Ideally, a home for it's release will come soon.

Set List

Depending on the venue and slot in which we are playing, a set length of 30-40 minutes is pretty standard. We are very flexible though as most of our songs are around 2 minutes, so we always fit about 12 songs in even the short sets as we run songs together without stopping.