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"The Sylvia Cotton Singers"

The Sylvia Cotton Singers' debut FASCINATES. On, "Where Can You Find The Lord?," the songwriting is fresh, with lyrics delivered straight to the heart, and the arrangements combine both ingenuity and intensity, quickly drawing the ear. Top it off with wonderful production and some great close harmonies and you've got a real winner!

Stan North

"The Sylvia Cotton Singers"

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Lead Vocals: 5
Musicianship: 4
Lyric Writing: 4.5
Composing: 4
Song Arrangement: 3.5 to 4
- Eugene Foley, President, Foley Entertainment, Inc.

"The Sylvia Cotton Singers"


Musical arrangements and parts are top notch. Lyrics do a fine job in communicating the Biblical truths in song. Vocals are powerful and well arranged. Incredibly lush and beautiful vocal harmonies.

Melody line (in "SomeOne From Galilee") is dramatic and emotionally engaging. Song ending is dynamic and victorious. A powerful and inspired song...

All vocalists are to be praised for their wonderful voices and amazing blending abilities. Not as easy a job as some might think. Your lyrics are clear and communicate the love and grace of God in each song. Many a listener will be comforted and touched by your songs.

Your range of styles is also to be complimented. In a concert setting these songs will raise the spiritual roof, so to speak...


What wonderful music you have presented here. Your jazz influenced, contemporary Black gospel style is awesome.

The jazz/R&B influenced melodies & arrangements are so sophisticated and hip. The lyrics are well crafted as well. You all sing well together--it sounds like a real ensemble and labor of love.

The production shows much attention to detail...the artistry is fresh and exciting and competitive.
- TAXI, The World's Leading Independent A&R Company

"The Cotton Singers"

“The Cotton Singers know what they are doing. Their vocal arrangement is tight and the overall performance is good."

“This is an excellent Christian themed jazz/R&B adult contemporary with very strong musicianship, lyrics and vocals."

“This song [The Stone That The Builders Rejected ] has many musically impressive features; guitar and bass work, horn arrangement, catchy hook, all transitions are smooth/musically pleasing, well written funky bridge that’s adds a lot to the song, professional religious lyrics and a key modulation in the coda."

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"The Sylvia Cotton Singers"

The Sylvia Cotton Singers' vocals are beautiful. Each singer’s individual vocal qualities are amazing on their own, but also lend themselves so nicely to each other, melding into great
harmonies with energy and feeling.
- Indie Productions,


Album Debut, "Somewhere There Is SomeOne" released April 1, 2008 is available through our website,, and via digital downloads on such online retailers as CDBaby, DigStation, iTunes, Rhapsody Music, Yahoo Music, etc.

Currently singles are receiving online airplay on these and other internet radio stations:,,,, (Huntsville, Alabama), (Berrien Springs, MI),,

Our single, "The Stone That The Builders Rejected" was selected by TIN Records ( for their 3rd New Music 2007 Compilation Series CD. Artists on this CD were judged to be one of 15-20 of the hottest acts and most original talent from across the globe. This CD is to be distributed nationwide and globally to over 200 satellite college radio stations and internet music publications with promotions via the internet, multiple media outlets, retail environments and promotional events.

The singers were recently awarded 2007 BEST GOSPEL GROUP of Orange County, CA at the Orange County Music Awards show ( of which their song, "The Stone That The Builders Rejected" was placed on the 2007 compilation CD, AIR GUITAR.

Our test demo CD ("Where Can You Find The Lord?) of 2001 enjoyed EXTENSIVE radio airplay independently as it was distributed to 1,000 commercial gospel stations nationwide.

The Singers are featured as background vocalists on indie projects of solo Contemporary Christian artists, AmyMarie; and of solo Contemporary Christian artist, Guada De Los Santos.

Our vocals are also a part of the recordings of mass choirs over the past few years at the national convention of the Gospel Music Workshop of America.



For many years, our group has enjoyed tremendous success ministering at hundreds of venues, events and churches throughout Southern California, at national conventions, fairs and festivals and on TV and radio. Up until 2001, we were once part of various choirs, ensembles and groups under the direction of Sylvia Cotton; and until more recently, were a weekly ministry at a local church in Anaheim Hills for 3 years (under the leadership of former pastor, Chuck Obremski) where Sylvia served as Worship Director.

One thing, however, was bothersome to us: Our music was like that of most other groups seen and heard--unoriginal, recycled and impersonal for us. We longed for something "tailored" to our particular groove, personal style and intellect. Believing gospel and inspirational music must first touch the minister in a worshipful way before it can be effectively ministered, we longed for this type of emotional experience with our music. Then came the answer to our prayer and our desire became a reality.

In 2001, Sylvia began the journey of writing songs in what seemed to be "from out of no where." Although she possesses extensive formal training in music and has vast experience in directing, teaching, and performing with choirs and as a solo artist (both as a vocalist and musician), it was her grasp of the music, through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, that set our group on a different course of ministry.

How can we describe the music? "Cool" arrangements, "warm" harmonies with "eclectic" style. Our listeners' responses have been, "Where did they come from?", "Why haven't we heard this type of music before now?", "This is a breath of fresh air!" Impacting the community in this way is like cracking open an egg--a delicate undertaking, yet a satisfying source of nourishment. And, what's the reaction of those who have known us for a long time?...utter amazement!

What did all this mean? Simply--God was leading in a different direction from where we had been and was equipping us with the tools necessary to go a step higher, a little farther, and a little longer with a whole lot more.

Can we be compared to those youthful teens, 'tweeners, or twenty-something groups out there making music in the urban contemporary field? No, and for various reasons! We hail from that sector of the population--the "boomers", the "gen-x'rs", the "wanters" who are SPIRITUALLY hungry and looking to sample something that nourishes the soul. We appeal to the "individualistic-minded" middle, yet-seasoned aged ones who enjoy and appreciate cultured, sophisticated, "let it just linger for a while" developed music. Those to whom the WORD is the most powerful central issue of their heart--those persons looking for truth.

In our mode of evangelism, we seek to share the things we've seen and heard, something that's akin to some of the New Testament ideals. Each of us has LIFE experiences that have allowed us to bear witness to ALL of the lyrics we sing. We can "claim" the song before we share it. We can say, "I know what this means 'cause I've lived this--I KNOW what you're going through." This is undeniably where our passion comes from. For you see, we've been touched by the hand of God...

The Sylvia Cotton Singers' first CD project, "Somewhere There Is SomeOne" is available. The album is available through numerous internet sites and on their website ( Visit us on MySpace (