The Symptom

The Symptom

 Fairfax, Virginia, USA

we have a rockish sound with some heavy riffs. Clean guitar intros play a big part of the things we play. We like to keep it original.




the end of me

Written By: Kay Alyemni

There we stood couple of weeks ago
So inlove and we would never know
One of us could ever go
I used to look at your blue eyes
And you would look back at mine
Never knew one of us would die
The other one wouldn’t be fine
Do you remember how much I loved to see you smile
It made me so happy but not for awile
its hard to say good bye
but I have to before I lye
on the bed and slowly die
it’s the end of me
all our hopes and dreams
it’s the end of me
nothing is what it seems
it’s the end of me
ill finally be free
We text
We talk
We kiss
We walk
We miss
We die.
I never waited this long
But it seems in vane
I try to be strong
But I don’t think ill be stayin
Its getting dark outside
And I have to go
Sorry I wouldn’t be by your side
Cus I have to go
I have been on this road for just a bit
But it was to hard for me and I know
Everyone goes through this kind of shit
But its time for me to go
Its time to go


move on was released on march 20th 2010.
baby you're dead is coming up on january 29th 2011

Set List

guitar amp
bass amp
and a mic for vocals
four outlets