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"Tablerockers Keep Sound Fresh"

...Songs like Willie Dixon's "I'm Ready", Jimmy Reed's "Big Boss Man", Otis Rush's "All Your Love", BB King's "Thrill Is Gone", and Howlin' Wolf's "Shake For Me", immediately identify The Tablerockers as purveyors of the pure stuff. And they play it the way it should be played--with respect for the tradition, drawing on the Chicago style, but with enough variation and personality to keep the music fresh.
It's very likely that you'll hear most if not all the songs on "Shake Your Junk" if you turn up at the Zoo tonight to catch The Tablerockers. If you like what you hear, pick up a disc. If you like blues done Boehmer-style, which is the way Lincoln learned to hear the music, I'll guarantee you'll enjoy the record."
- Ground Zero

"The Tablerockers: Shake Your Junk"

"...This is a well-seasoned three-piece blues band in top form. The sound/mix of the CD is really, really good. The songs are hot, hot, and so is Jason Davis, who makes a darn fine front man. But the intangible has to be experienced: the energy that emanates out of a live show has been successfully captured in "Shake Your Junk". You almost don't even have to play it; you can just hold the CD and feel it. Okay, that's an exaggeration, but just go get one and see what I mean."
---Betsy Finocchi - All About Town

"Blues In The Cornbelt"

"...Seeing Harman and The Tablerockers on Thursday night at the Zoo was well worth the trip. The Tablerockers' sound is somewhere between Chicago and Texas. Harman's particular brand of boogie comes stamped with slyly funny lyrics reminiscent of Sonny Boy Williamson. The resulting combination was powerful enough to turn goat's milk to gasoline. Memorable moments came with "Keep It Clean", a revved-up version of Peetie Wheatstraw's country blues that went from staccato down to a smooth groove complete with fade out; David "Mr. So & So" Watson's drumming, always in the pocket, broke new ground on "Back Door Rhumba" (too bad there were too many people packed in the bar--no room for salsa dancing). There are times when the stars align and audiences are treated to a magical night of music. I'm thankful I witnessed that one first hand."
---Kate Wallis - All About Town

"The Tablerockers-Shake Your Junk"

"The Tablerockers might not be a completely familiar name to blues aficionados across the US (or beyond), but if your tastes run toward high-powered blues with more than a gallon of rock guitar in the fuel tank for added punch, this CD will satisfy. Comprised if Baby Jason Davis on guitar and vocals, Larry Boehmer on bass, and David Watson nailing down the drums, this trio shoots from the hip and rolls through a pair of funky covers of "Think" and "I'm Ready" before kicking up the horsepower with a smoltering version of Jimmy Reed's "Big Boss Man". Little Walter's "Temperature" is slowed to a crawl oozing power and passion, and while Baby Jason's guitar work might recall Jimmy Page and other rock heroes at times, he avoids many of the excesses that can sometimes drag a power trio into boredom. Otis Rush's "All Your Love' gets a heady treatment and proves Jason's guitar schooling comes from where it should, and even though B.B. King's "Thrill Is Gone" is a done-to-death warhorse, these guys handle it with enough originality to add freshness to it. Magic Sam's "She Belongs to Me" and Wolf's "Shake For Me' are potent and powerful, but the true sleeper might be "Ball and a Biscuit", a slow grinder peppered with gritty guitar and hoarse vocals. While many blues/rock power trios fall into an abyss between ZZ Top and Stevie Ray Vaughan, The Tablerockers steer clear of that territory and it serves them well on this hot and sweaty disc recorded 'live' at George's Majestic Lounge in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Nicely done." - Blindman's Blues Forum

"James Harman quote"

"I couldn't have assembled a better back-up band. Playin' with The Tablerockers is like makin' love to your neighbor's wife. You know it's wrong, but you just can't stop."
----James Harman, July 2003 - James Harman to the Zoo Bar Festival crowd

"Had To Go To Alaska"

"I played it (The Tablerockers' CD) and I had to go to Alaska to cool off. They remind me a lot of Clapton's first band. I like them."
---Sonny Payne, King Biscuit Flour Hour, KFFA - KFFA Radio

"The Tables are Turned"

"...based in Eureka Springs, AR, this gutsy blues trio is comprised of a pair of expatriate Lincolnites, Baby Jason Davis on guitar and vocals and bassist and former Zoo Bar owner Larry Boehmer, along with drummer David Watson. This is the real stuff, done very, very well."
---L. Kent Wolgamott, Apr., '04 - Lincoln Journal Star


"What a blast. This thing rocks from beginning to end. For friends of blues rock a 'must have'. For European fans: If you like the Hoax from the UK, this one's for you!!"
---Markus Fischer, German Radio Show - Double Trouble-German Radio Show


The Tablerockers don't just rock the table and they don't just rock your house and I doubt they limit themselves to rockin' yo' world. They rock it all. Yes. They rock. They funk it up. They (shorty brown, mr. so & so, and little baby jason) grab you by the ears, shake yo' booty out and leave you feeling better than you have a right to feel. Face it, you feel good and, if you were with 'em in the flesh, so to speak, you got a most beneficial workout, didden ya? You folks who've seen 'em live at George's Majestic Lounge or wherever know what I'm talkin' about and those of you who haven't can get a funkin' rockin' taste of it with this little CD here. Or as the Tablerockers put it "shake your junk 'cause your junk needs shakin' " and I could not say it better myself. You get a variety of blues and rock 'n' roll, hard and fast or sinuously slow, by someone you know or someone you never heard of and even somebody who might be right there in the room. Go out to Been Around or somesuchplace (and remember to always try and deal with your local dealers) and get this album or go see 'em live and score one directly from them; get it autographed. This is one you'll play when you're all alone or with you main squeeze or a bunch of people you just met and want to get to know better. Trust me on this. - Nightflying Publications

"Electric Texas Blues Rock"

The Tablerockers practically beg for a comparison, so here it is: they sound a lot like Stevie Ray Vaughan. That's a favorable comparison, and neither Stevie nor the Tablerockers should object. Baby Jason fronts the group, pairing his husky voice with a heavy-handed guitar style that moves easily from slow grinding Blues to up-tempo party numbers. The rest of the band -- David Watson on drums and Larry Boehmer on bass -- holds its own, filling in behind Davis' lead.

What's notable about this disc, recorded live at George's Majestic Lounge in Fayetteville, Arkansas, are the tunes they incorporate into their repertoire that are outside their typical style or genre. They do a powerful version of Muddy Water's "I'm Ready" and put a funky Blues Rock twist on Otis Rush's "All Your Love." Even their take on "The Thrill is Gone" is powerful, and I would say it gives even B.B. King a run for his money. Baby Jason's youthful voice doesn't quite match up to the power of the song, but they seem to know that and rely instead on the extended instrumental jams to carry the song.

While the Tablerockers aren't exactly inventing anything new on this disc, they make up for that by delivering a solid and polished set. I have to admit, I was tempted to get up and shake my least a little. 07/27/05 - Blueswax


The Tablerockers have 2 CD's, "Shake Your Junk" and "Taxi". "Shake Your Junk" can be purchased at CD Baby and has sound bytes on the CD Baby site.
"Taxi", which features guest appearances by Earline Owens and Magic Slim, is out of print.



The Tablerockers are influenced by a variety of musical styles that include Delta blues, Chicago and Texas blues, R & B, soul, rock-a-billy, jazz, funk, rock 'n' roll and even country, all filtered through the Tablerockers' blues sensibilities. The result is a high-powered blues attack featuring the smokin' guitar and soulful vocals of Baby Jason Davis, and the tight grooves provided by Larry Boehmer on bass and David Watson on drums.
Guitarist and vocalist, Baby Jason, toured for 10 years with his trio, "Baby Jason and the Spankers". During that period, they played some of the top blues venues in the country, including Buddy Guy's Legends, Antones, the Grand Emporium, the Zoo Bar, and Blues On Grand.
Drummer David Watson was born and raised in Dallas where he learned to shuffle from two of the best...his uncle Doyle Bramhall and the late Freddie Walden. David played with Keith Ferguson and Mr. Conrad in the Excellos and was also Anson Funderburgh's first drummer. David brings over 30 years of playing experience to the Tablerockers.
Bassist Larry Boehmer rounds out the trio and is the only current Tablerocker to have played with the "Nebraska" Tablerockers from 1981-1991. Boehmer also played with The Heartmurmurs, Not All There and Bobby Lowell and the Rocka-Boogie-Boys. Some of the top names in blues have used Larry for club dates, tours and festivals including Charlie Musselwhite, Snooky Pryor, Carey Bell, Joe Houston, Larry Davis, and Magic Slim.
The Tablerockers continue to work clubs and festivals around the country as a trio, as half of the 6-pc. blues band 'Old School', and as the occasional back-up band for James Harman, RJ Mischo, and Lewis Cowdrey.