The Tables

The Tables


The Tables are a three piece indie rock group from Boise, ID. Sometimes political, sometimes tongue-in-cheek, and sometimes totally unpredictable, you never know quite what to expect when you hear The Tables.


The Tables formed in 2002 out of the ashes of an older band. At that time, Jacobb T. Sackett-(Vocals, Drums, Synthesizer) and Randall Post-(Vocals, Guitar) started making homemade demos on a mixer in a tiny office in Jacobb's house. They used a drum machine for the drums. They soon compiled the songs into an album by the name of "Gingerbread Real Estate". Realizing they needed a bass player, Jacobb asked his longtime girlfriend, Ashley Nitchals-(Bass) if she wanted to fill the spot, and she did in February of 2003. After months of hardcore practicing and the finishing of their very lo-fi sophomore album "My, How The Tables Have Turned!", The Tables made their television debut on Boise, Idaho's Public Access Channel, TVTV Channel 11. It was a sort of experiment because the guy who booked The Tables for TVTV was teaching a class of high school kids how to film people, run sound, etc. So the show wasn't as good as it could have been, but all the kids there enjoyed the show. The Tables then went on to play some very successful house shows in downtown Boise, and they had their first "venue" gig at The Neurolux in downtown Boise. That night The Tables cranked out about 14 to 15 songs in an hour, rocking the joint every minute. The show was a wonderful success, and just 8 days later, The Tables made their internet radio debut with a radio show on There was an hour of music and interviews with the band members, and it helped increase some sells on CDBaby. The band went on to play some more gigs, and their most recent gig at a place called JD's & Friends in downtown Boise was an amazing success. Fans were screaming, jumping around and dancing. It almost brought tears to the hard working band's eyes.

The Tables music has a very original and unique sound. Their sound has grown and you can listen to their songs from 2002, as compared to the ones on this EPK, and you could tell the difference completely. The Tables also had a number 1 song on mediafeast back when it was known as in 2002. It stayed on the number 1 slot for a week. The song was off of "Gingerbread Real Estate" and it's called "Hard Luck Friend", and if the mood catches The Tables right, they'll probably play it at a gig.

Over the last three years, through numerous reviews, fanmail, and just comments on their music, The Tables' unique sound has been said to have a mix of bands like: Pixies, U2, Radiohead, Interpol, and Joy Division.

The Tables aren't just indie rock, but a great band who puts on a great show, and even though they're only a trio, they have tremendous power and are very energetic, outgoing people who are in love with music and their music. "We're just a few art freaks trying to make our way to the top", Jacobb T. Sackett says. "But there's a softer side to us," says Randall Post. "We still like watching Disney movies".


Working Class Rebellion

Written By: Randall Post

A living wage
Locked in a cage
Not gonna happen in this day and age
A life of rage
Beaten down in flame
When the big shots take the stage

Oh, Lord I'm going down in a ball of fire
This is a working class rebellion
They'll see what we've dealt them
When the molotovs pelt them
A working class rebellion

A slave to the grind with no protection
From our hands being pickled with brine
I may pick up a rock
I may buy me a gun
But first I'm going to walk

They sent in the cops
When we met by the shops
And the anarchists flooded
Someone threw in a bomb
And took off the head of Tom
Cops and anarchists bludgeoned

I'm not a hellion
This was my rebellion
This is your rebellion
This is my rebellion
This is a working class rebellion

In The Bedroom

Written By: Randall Post, Jacobb T. Sackett, and Ashley Nitchals.

She was a virgin and a communist
There wasn't any subtleties that she missed
He said all the right things at first
But he never could quite quench her thirst

What I feel
What I want
What I need
Happens in the bedroom

Ironic and full of life
Changing their antics through the night
There was nothing they wouldn't do or say
But it came to a breaking point one day

She brought color to the room
With the shot of a gun to her groom
Then it came upon herself
And she put the gun in her mouth

Chorus 2:
What I cry
What I need
What I bleed
Happens in the bedroom

Radar In A Dead Zone

Written By: Jacobb T. Sackett

A masochist's eyes will follow me
To a dictatorship, the lawn is green
It makes sense when you synchronize your machinery
But you don't realize when you're dead, your mouth is gaping

Carry me on your back
They'll be following right on track

You developed a taste a long time ago
Where you got it from? Hell if I know
Silence is fatal
And so is not winning your show

(Chorus 2x)

Turn on a radar in a black hole
Why not in a cemetary?
It's a dead zone, a dead zone, a dead zone...


Gingerbread Real Estate - Debut indie album. Released to friends, fans, etc. 14 tracks.
My, How The Tables Have Turned! - 19 track Indie album, for sale on CDBaby and given out at live shows.
Time For Bed-Album In Progress at present time.

Set List

The Tables like to throw in more of their more energetic and hard-edged music, but they also like to throw in some of their slower indie rock to even things out. A typical Tables set list would look like this: (In no particular order)

Working Class Rebellion
Bear & The Bungalow
Time For Bed
When You Forget
La Grande
The Cover Up
Cold Library
Radar In A Dead Zone
Days Of Desperation
The Lecture
I Mean Well
In The Bedroom
Next Season

Covers are usually what our biggest influences are. We do covers of U2's "Sunday Bloody Sunday", Wall Of Voodoo's "Mexican Radio", and Radiohead's "High & Dry".