The Takedown

The Takedown

 St. Louis, Missouri, USA

The Takedown is a St. Louis rock/alternative outfit known for their songwriting prowess and energetic live shows. The sound is crafted with Foo Fighters style polish, Alkaline Trio grit, and The Rolling Stones acumen for solid hooks.


The Takedown fuses modern rock, punk and classic rock to create a sound resonating with Foo Fighters style polish, Alkaline Trio grit, and The Rolling Stones acumen for solid hooks. They've independently financed three albums with consistent live shows and merchandise sales. They've been featured on 105.7 The Point, KDHX,, 100.1 The Buzz, and River City Radio in acoustic performances, interviews, and airplay. They promoted their latest EP, 2010's Escape Plan, with television performances on local NBC and Fox affiliates. Their 2006 eponymous debut EP, 2007's full-length album This City Is Screaming and Escape Plan, are available on iTunes, Amazon, and other online vendors.

When you see The Takedown live, don't be surprised to find the band moving through the crowd with guitars in hand, looking for anything on stage to jump off of, giving the other members swift kicks while running the length of the stage, or breaking into a quick tribute to a classic gem. The band believes energy is a key component of their grass-roots approach to building a reputation in the Midwest. Locally they've brought their brand of entertainment to some of their hometown's best venues: Blueberry Hill, Off Broadway, and The Pageant. Regionally, The Takedown has toured large cities and local college towns throughout the Midwest, once even giving an impromptu performance on the stage of a Beale Street bar during a wild Memphis weekend.

While the band's sound is constantly developing, their main focus is on memorable hooks, explosive intros, and diverse song arrangements. Lead singer Ryan McClure and lead guitarist Warren Patton have been writing songs together for over fifteen years. After combining forces with fellow St. Louisans Ben Ferguson and Dan Brown in 2005 they established The Takedown, a project with the mission to be as energetic and fun as a bar band while retaining the dynamic and poise of a national touring act.

Set List

The Takedown's set list usualy consists of 45 minutes to one hour and 15 minutes of original music and one cover. Our covers our extremely diverse. We usualy do one brand new cover every show. To give you an example, here are a few:
"We Didn't Start the Fire"--Billy Joel
"Like a Prayer"--Madonna
"Theme from RBI Baseball"-- Nintendo
"Fake Plastic Trees"-- Radiohead
"Lawyers Guns and Money"--Warren Zevon