The Talking Dollhouse

The Talking Dollhouse


The Talking Dollhouse is a Portland Oregon-based band which has a very unique and interesting sound. With a sound that spans many genres and a stage performance that will not allow audiences to sit still. The Talking Dollhouse will be a band that will not disappoint in any context or venue.


From the basement of some house in the middle of north-east portland, we are pleased to bring you The Talking Dollhouse, a four-piece rock band. Formed in the bowels of unprecedented providential strength, the four members played together at a college function and found a sound that each of them loves as a small child, and having been brought it up in wisdom and truth, we are now prepared to unleash this fury upon the world. A band of men who love people and music, and are looking forward to creating music that will bring people together in the way the only music can. The Talking Dollhouse is committed to bringing listeners a unique and new sound that hopefully strikes a chord within each person. The Talking Dollhouse wants to overflow with energy on-and-off stage in a way that is contagious. We invite you to become a part of the journey of The Talking Dollhouse.


The Talking Dollhouse recorded a demo before ever performing and from that demo came the songs: Created Beings, and The Fringe. There are five other songs that are in the process of being recorded and we are looking forward to releasing a CD for sale within the next six months. Our sound has evolved since those first two songs and the band has shown tremendous growth within a short period of time.

Set List

As a band we have quite a bit of versatility. 45-60 minute set could be all of our own music:
Chase's song
Created beings
The Fringe
Musical transition into
I machine

We also have quite a few covers that we do and are always willing and able to learn more.
We cover:
Paranoid Android By radiohead
Exit Music From a Soundtrack
Waltz Number 2 by Elliot Smith
Starlight by Muse