The Tall Boy

The Tall Boy


The Tall Boy produce 3-minute slices of indiepop heaven to raise your spirits up high one minute, only to bring them crashing down again the next.


The Tall Boy was conceived back in 2001 as the solo project of Matty Green, whose previous bands include Boyracer, Steward, Empress, Death by Chocolate and Girlboy Girl. On tour in the USA, Matty was urged to get up and sing his version of Serge Gainsbourg's classic, 'Harley Davidson' to a bemused but eventually charmed audience. He hasn't looked back.

It was while he was on his own that he recorded the Tall Boy's debut album, Goes On, which was released in 2003 by Arizona-based Red Square Records to critical acclaim.

However, it wasn’t until Matty moved to Glasgow that The Tall Boy we know today started to take shape. A more confident sound emerged as a result of songwriting collaborations between Matty and bass player, James Barker. The second album 'Effect' was the result of these early collaborations.

The Tall Boy continued to attract attention and acclaim across the pond, culminating in the latest release, 'Go Forth' in 2006 on California-based Banazan Records.

Live shows are characterised by an easy charm backing up a seemingly endless supply of irresistable pop gems.


45s & Books

Written By: Matthew Green

A tried and tested word
Cuts through my morning fog
I've been bumping into walls
Now I've bumped into you

I know the grey matters
But I want you to come out tonight

Why travel if you've got TV
Tonight is for living
Not through your 45s and your Books
Your 45s and Books

You stalk the library for fun
That's OK a while in once
But don't be scared of the young
While you are one

So come out tonight and dance
Like we used to
And I will come out tonight
And it will be just like it used to
Just like it used to


Written By: Matthew Green

Missed the morning sun
And half your day is done
Another none-event

Sometimes I forget
Just how big outside really is

So long since I've written
And longer since I learned you live in a film
So long since I've written
I had to wait my turn

The hours are long
And the problems many
Early rising and all I want is a day mis-spent

And if we don't like where we are
Will we leave and avoid the prospect of an easy life


Written By: Matthew Green

I heard you were out last night
And ill in church today
I'm sure he won't hold a grudge
Or make you mend your sorry ways

And with the guilt of the slightly wayward
Waking in a familiar place
Nose pressed on the wet pane
I'm coming on my way

I know it's not the same
But nothing is these days
No true beauty without decay
But I think you're doing pretty well

Knees pressed to your face
Wearing Sunday's clothes
There's no guilt in being lazy
Watching the little cowboys on the screen

Paused to understand your smile
With comments that you made
A pointed barrier to fun
Only I know you don't really mean

I know it's not the same
But nothing is these days
No true beauty without decay
But I think we're doing pretty well


2006 - Go Forth - CD EP, Banazan Records
2005 - Tuesday, May 17, 2005 - CD EP, Ypsilanti Records
2004 - Effect - self-released LP available online
2003 - Goes On - CD LP, Red Square Records
2003 - Harley Davidson - song on Red Square Records compilation
2002 - A Bid for Love and Country - song on 555 Records compilation
2002 - Boxerbeat - song on Mobstar Records compilation

Airplay that we are aware of includes:

'Same Size Girlfriend' on BBC 6 Music Vic McGlynn show.
'We Could Be Friends' on Indiepop Rocks on Soma FM.

Set List

45s & Books
And Back Again
We Could Be Friends
Masami Said
Going to Gainesville
Sing Your Heart Out
Windows of the West
City in the Sun
Same Size Girlfriend
Leave Me Now
Harley Davidson

Our sets are typically between 30 and 45 minutes long, although we have plenty of songs in reserve if a longer performance is required.

Covers we have played regularly in the past are: