The TallBoys Band

The TallBoys Band

 Ajijic, Jalisco, MEX
BandAmericanaClassic Rock

In a small village in Mexico, a real estate broker, a computer programmer, a retired drummer and a college professor met; they shared one thing in common: a passion for music.Their 70’s flavored original music features rowdy harmonies, rollicking guitar work and songs that talk about beer, tequila, good times and the kicked back Mexican lifestyle. It’s also talks about living life before it’s too late.


What started out as a simple cover band that played for the expat community living in the Lake Chapala area of mexico, has become a band that focuses on original songs that speak to both aging Baby Boomers and Mexicans of many ages. The band covers select Classics by the Doors, the Stones, Van Morrison, and the Eagles, intertwined with originals songs. The lyrics remind some of Jimmy Buffet due to their story telling while their musical influences inlcude country rock and blues styling from teh late 60s and 70s. Their vocal blend and three part harmonies set them apart from other groups and reminds listeners of CSN&Y, Alabama and other famous vocal groups. Their subject matter revolves around the lifestyle of those adventurous souls who have moved to Mexico or those want to. If Jimmy Buffet appeals to the nautical dreamers then the TallBoys appeal to Expat dreamers and aging Baby Boomers who want to live their in life on our own terms.


On YOur Own

Written By: David Truly

They come so fast into your life like harbingers of hope,
SImple gestures, sudden sounds, whispers of a ghost
And you're on your own again.
And you're on your won again.

Misery loves company, why am I so alone.
Memories fade but never pass, as you're reaching for the phone.
And you're on your own again
And you're on your own again
And we're on our own again.

Save a place in your heart.
Look for the light before the dark.
Souls will never break apart.

The days of peace and love have passed, except for infant eyes.
But lawyers, guns and money friends refuse to say good-bye.

And you're on your own again.
ANd you're on your own again.

Makin' a Mess

Written By: David Truly

Woke up this morning to a brand new day.
Foorget the past I'm gonna find a new way.
Stop all my messin" and fooling around.
So why can't I get my feet on the ground.
It's nothing but me
Makin a mess of myself

I used to do a little fooling around.
I did my shopping in the lost and found.
I do my best to keep my hands to myself
So why are they always on somebody else.
It's nothing but me
Makin' a mess of myself

I don't need no one to lead me astray.
Trouble finds me anyway
No matter how hard I try
My eyes start sparking,
My hands start wandering
I'm backin trouble again.
It's nothing but me
Making a mess of myself.

I had a problem with weed whites and wine.
But it's no problem when it's one at a time.
I know you think I'm out of my mind.
But I would prefer to say one of a kind
It's nothing but me
Making a mess of myself


Their first CD "Somewhere in Mexico" includes the ever popular title song along with original songs that talk about life in Mexico like "Hasta Mananville." Also included are covers of classics like "I Shall be Released", and "The Weight". The second disc 'On my Own" signifies a major jump in both recording quality and songwriting. The title cut deals with loss - a theme common to all but particularly among aging Boomers. On the lighter side, the country influenced "Makin a Mess" talks about those of us who always get into trouble no matter how hard we try. "Run for the Border" talks about those who choose to move to Mexico or anywhere for a new start in life or a new adventure. Covers include a unique vocal rendition of Blackbird and Sam Cookes' "Bring it on Home to me."

The first CD was broadcast on many NPR stations in the US and around the world and the band has followers around the world. They are planning a new series of videos for their new CD so be watching their website for updates at