The Taller We Grow

The Taller We Grow

BandAlternativeNew Age

A band trying to make a change in the world by being the change we want to see.


Out of the achromatized scenery of Cleveland comes color, shades of light bringing hope. Out of the concrete new life grows. Up through the cracks, shoots spread over trash from the busy streets. The Taller We Grow isn’t here to save the world, but if you asked lead singer Andrew Arbogast about his plan in changing the world he’ll tell you “You must be the change you want to see in the world.”

The Taller We Grow was formed from the remnants of former bands but from ashes kindled a burning fire. While endlessly trying to define their Indie/Art Rock sound, they continuously find ways to make the visual aspect of their live shows more pleasing; by using many stage lights and decorations. The Taller We Grow has many influences including, Neutral Milk Hotel, The Smiths, Talking Heads, Secret Machines, The Strokes, and Portugal the Man. The Taller We Grow can be described as melodic guitars laden with effects, accompanied by a strong rhythmic back bone, including extra percussion, with vocals determined to spread a message of hope and love.


Nite Fox

Written By: Andrew Arbogast

I'm an unheard car crash born of Mt. Sinai but that is yet to be seen. You're the cars rushing by me humming remorse but really wanting something to see. I'm some sort of spectacle acceptable in everyone's eyes. If you found me then I fooled you. You've only caught my shadow. When I'm near you I'm my shadow, I watch you from a distance. Pluck these feathers from my wings they only cause more attention, because my inttentions are never good with you, never good with any other hen. If you catch me then I'll flee you. I'll escape you like a Nite Fox, because I'm the Nite Fox with the lion's fame. You only know my shadow.


Written By: Andrew Arbogast

Why all this pain, It's all the same, We're all to blame for every word we say. We fade away, We'll fade away. Come and take my pain.

How long will you find faith in men? Give us the strength not to defend those slings and arrows that are thrown my way. Offer my cheek, another chance, another way. Father have mercy on us! We know not what we do. I lost my hope in this world, Now I only find in. We'll find a cure for every ill, all this talk of peace when there is war. We pull the blankets over our eyes, our gullibility is alarming but we're continuously surprised.

How long my lord till you come for me?

All Ships, All Seas

Written By: Andrew Arbogast

A boat docked is safe but I assure you that's not why boats were made, but G-d is gonna trouble the water and tear this raft into two. The water is cold that chills the body doesn't chill the soul. We're two fools set in the ship in the sea, a sea that has no hope.

I want to be led by you: like a moth to the flame. You gave sight to the blind man, but I am the blind man

We eagerly sailed away blind, charted without any maps. In this stormy sea that we call life. All these big ships come apart, board by board, oar by oar. I've become this sinking ship. O' captain my captain I failed you. We'll go down with this ship


The Algebra EP

Set List

Polaroids(an image to look upon)
tall towers
apple of my eye
nite fox

we usually play for a half hour to forty-five minutes.

we use alot of controllable lights and are now experimenting with video projection.