The Tallest

The Tallest


We just rock, that's all. Come to our show and you'll see we're there to entertain. The songs are well thought out and the passion is for real, by gum. The guitar work is intriguing and the singer is no foolin' incredible.


Plasma, Johnny, and Sherman all hail from good ol' Kentucky where they joined each other in musical matrimony in 1997. Shortly before the turn of the millenium the boys moved to Chicago seeking fame and fortune. A while later they met Just Al, the Brazilian bruiser on drums.

All four members have varying influences, but find a common ground in melodic rock 'n' roll stylings which draw great inspiration from both British and American rock of the late 80s and early 90s. We want you to rock, but we want you to think as well. Our philosophy is that "pop" music doesn't have to be stupid. We prefer somewhat intricate, yet catchy instrumentation with thought-provoking, but entirely hummable lyrics.


"The Future Burns the Sun" (LP) is due out on Squid vs. Whale records in June of 2005. LP number two is recorded and due out on Squid vs. Whale records in the fall of 2005.

Set List

We have over forty original tracks, so our set lists are rarely similar to each other. Songs from our first two LPs are as follows:

(The Future Burns the Sun)
Skeletons, Adjusting the Tie, Can I Borrow a Feeling?, Battle of Olympus, Changing Weena's Mood, Sunny Beach, Tranquilizer, Sinker, Space vs. Time, and Comet
(LP2--currently untitled)
An Iron in the Fire, On a Rainy Day, When I Am King, Bullet Bill, In the Making, Back to the Sea, Espionage, Manifest Destiny, Tropical Green, and Strapped to a Rocket.

Our typical set runs about 45 minutes, but we can play any length of time.

We perform occasional covers including "Ashes to Ashes" by David Bowie, "Maquiladora" by Radiohead, "Only in Dreams" by Weezer, and "Ghost Riders in the Sky" inspired by Johnny Cash.