The Tank

The Tank


'70's rock with a modern edge. The Tank combines classic influences like Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, and Black Sabbath with modern groups such as Queens of the Stone Age, Soundgarden, and Alice In Chains. Their high energy live show reflects the bands influences, energy, and passion for the music.


2009, two area rock bands disintegrate under the weight of themselves. In October of that year, Erick decided to have a jam at his house. He invited a bunch of his musician friends to join in on the good time. Out of those, only Charlie and Ben showed up. A good time was had by the three, and music was made. The trio continued to jam every week until it was suggested by an unnamed source that they "form a band". So that's what they did. They played some slots supporting other local acts and someone said, "Hey, you should make a CD!" So that's what they did.

This band combines three experienced musicians from the Lehigh Valley area in a lean mean rock machine. No frills. No BS. Just straight up hard rock in the tradition of the many power trios before them.



Written By: The Tank

Fly on
Wings like an eagle
Fly on

Purple mountain majesties
Oh the truth will never lie
You were once as free as me
Until you chose the other side
Flying high like an eagle
Over anywhere I roam
I can find the space
To call any place my home

Fly on
Wings like an eagle
Fly on

Not Me

Written By: The Tank

A subtle assumption that you can never read
A selfish desire you don’t want to believe
A burning self hatred you thought you figured out
But you can’t admit what its really about

*Its not me, Its all you

Search for the truth you deny every day
A justification that’ll give you your way
Its all that you want when there’s not any more
What will you do when the truth’s at your door* *


The Tank-Self Titled
Released 2013.Tracks being played weekly on Lehigh Valley Radio Stations WZZO and Lehigh University WLVR.

Set List

Yeah Yeah Yeah
Not Me
Hang It Up
War Song
Angry American