The Tanukis

The Tanukis


Indie chamber-folk.


Born behind the Iron Curtain and tempered in the fires of Soviet Russia, the dynamic Era S. of the Tanukis, has been sparking curiosity, and enlightening the young and restless quicker than the Red Scare. Would-be McCarthys are outraged. Campaigns have been mounted against elephant-scrotum-weilding racoon-dogs everywhere. But Era and the rest of Tanukis are steadfast in their resolve to bring liberation to the musically downtrodden.

From Morphine, Bjork, Tom Waits, Arcade Fire to Lhasa de Sela, even the newst and oldest - say, Joanna Newsom to Tchaikovsky - the Tanukis sincerely love music of all sorts, as long as, as they say, its "good." Hmm. Now, whether these influences actually come out in the Tanukis' music is quite another issue.


The Apple of Discord EP (2007 - self release)

Set List

1)Era's Vocal intro
2)A Capella
3)The Gallows
5)Waltz in G
6)Odes for the Two of Us
7)Midnight Runner
8)Wedding Bread
9)Plums & Pears, Bulls & Bears
11)We As Mutts
12)(Traditional Russian Folk Song)
13)Persephone Loved Autumn
14)My Left Foot

Our longest sets can last about 1:30, while we have done shortened sets from 45 minutes up. We do a cover of a traditional celebratory Russian Folk song, which we usually throw in near the end of our sets. We have 15 or so songs that we would do if we wer to play a full set. We are also working on a rendition of Robertino Loretti's "Jamaica"