The Tao Jones

The Tao Jones


Powerfully driving dance music fronted by a horn section and a female vocalist.


Out of the madness that is the Boulder music scene, The Tao Jones has emerged as one of the premiere acts to see along the front-range. The band performs with the tightness and on-stage collective consciousness of seasoned professionals.

The Tao Jones is a wild rollercoaster ride, taking you on a funk-inflected odyssey across the musical soundscape. These thoroughly capable performers grab you by the ears and don't let go until it's over, drenching you in a cascade of nimble guitar licks, intricate bass and drum rhythms, and horns that never run out of notes.

The Tao Jones is fronted by a virtuosic horn section comprised of Jake Ball on trumpet and saxophonist Danny Mayer. The melodies the duo creates are complimented by the clever guitar work of Christian Mockett. Add the powerful drumming of Zack Scott and the deep and hypnotic bass grooves of Sean Mahaffey and the end result is nothing short of an earth-shaking funk performance. Now with the voice of Kolby Morris in the mix, this band is unstoppable


Funky Town

Written By: lip inc.

Take me to funky town

Set List

The Tao Jones performs a variety of original material and covers striving to make set lists different each show.