The Tao Jones is fast becoming one of the most talked about funk bands on today's national circuit. The band's powerful "big sound" and high-energy live performance has been quoted by several industry insiders as, "a definite must see!!"


The Tao Jones is a 5-piece jam enterprise devoted to two things: burning brand new pathways through an ever-changing musical landscape; and making audiences straight get down.

Since its inception The Tao Jones has managed to rise and hover above the bustling chaos of the Boulder, CO music scene. Their blend of rock, jazztronica, and explosive funk creates a high-energy live performance that leaves fans wide-eyed, sweaty, and wanting more. Says trumpet player Jake Ball: “Intensity in ten cities, baby, that’s the only way to play!”

The Tao Jones has both headlined and shared countless stages across Colorado in venues ranging every size, including Boulder’s Fox Theater, Boulder Theatre, the Aggie, the Bluebird, Cervantes’, Trilogy Lounge, and Mishawaka Amphitheatre. Most recently the group has shared the spotlight with such other touring acts as Lotus, Outformation, Phix, D.J. Harry, Eric McFadden Trio, The Lee Boys and The Pnuma Trio.

The combination of high energy, inventive songwriting, and stellar musicianship which the band displays translates a typical live performance into a unique musical experience. With a fan base that seems to be growing by the hour, The Tao Jones has nowhere to go but up.


(2005) Gimmie Your Wallet (EP)
(2007) EP

Set List

The Tao Jones performs mostly original material with a few covers throughout their performance. Their setlist varies from concert to concert.