The Taste

The Taste

 New York City, New York, USA

The band, formed in early 2011 between high school friends songwriter/guitarist Simon and drummer Adrien, blends the best of New York's indie rock sound with the melodic intricacies of modern European alternative punk to create music that is both familiar and innovative.


Writing songs that combined the jangley sound of European alternative music and New York indie rock, Simon (guitar & vocals) wanted to find an outlet for performing these compositions. Deciding to form a band after graduating from his high school, Lycée Français de New York, Simon and fellow classmate, progressive rock drummer Adrien, began to search in their respective colleges for two more members to round out their ensemble. With Justin, a talented jazz/classical guitarist, and Joe, a classically trained bassist, soon joining them, the band managed to create a successful NYU/Pratt/Fordham lineup with the will and talent to go far.

Set List

Better World
What's There to Admire
A Sense of Expectation
(Anything Goes)
Sinister Fun
Yesterday's the Charm (Marguerite)