The Tasty Trio

The Tasty Trio


Funky, Fresh, Prog-edged, Jazz


The Tasty Trio began playing in the dwindling summer evenings of 2005, rehearsing in hot garages and small apartment rooms. A guitarist with a wish of a keyboard/drums trio; a vibraphonist who wanted to get back into playing the drums after many years; a hungry keyboardist whose music degree left him searching for funk and rock. These personas formed this fresh new group who put out their first album after only ten rehearsals. The fact that each player in this group was in essence trying something new, musically speaking, formed the spark that so often lacks in other funk/fusion/psychedelic bands.
“Serve It Up” envelopes you in its warm funk the moment you press play. Its original sound, a mix of both analog and digital, as well as its creative approach to consistent grooves not only makes you get up and dance, it stimulates your brain. The second album from one of Willamette Valley’s funkiest bands, the Tasty Trio, reflects both a busy gigging schedule and a strict rehearsal regiment. The tunes, on one hand, are well-orchestrated and thought out, while on the other hand represent the group’s never-ending improvisational search in music. It’s been over a year since our first album, and we’ve been “road-testing” the songs on this album for up to a year now. From the relaxed funk of “Lovin’ Spoonful” and “Southtown Sound” to the progressive sonic arenas of “Air-O-Sphere” and “I Go Walkin’”, the Tasty Trio yearns to soothe every musical soul.
Some of you might be surprised to see that all the music created on this album is from a trio. It might also surprise you to learn that the Tasty Trio used no looping or overdubbing to achieve the sound you hear. The sound on this album, as well as at concerts, is created totally live with the help of two keyboards, two guitars, a laptop and a drum kit. The keyboardist plays keys on his right hand, while playing the bass keys with his left. He shares the bass duties with the guitarist, whose laptop-run axe helps him achieve his live bass settings. Able to switch over at the push of a button (listen to Turnaround), this rhythm team aims to keep the bass grooves solid while switching leads between soloists. This innovative trio-approach to music is anchored by the solid funky drumming of Thomas, whose excellent ear allows him to switch between styles quickly and effortlessly. The keyboardist uses a Yamaha P-120 (bass keys), an 88-key Fender Rhodes, and a Yamaha Motif 6 Synthesizer. The guitarist alternates two guitars (a fender stratocaster and a Godin hollow-body) run midi through a laptop with the programs Guitar Rig and Ableton Live. The drummer uses a small bebop drum kit augmented by unique percussion instruments not often heard in this kind of music. The unique sonic approach by these three musicians enables them to further their original compositions and interpret other musician’s music.
Take a moment out of your day to relax and enjoy the sounds of “Serve it Up.”



" Flavors" released 2004 at Bro2 studios
" Serve It Up" soon to be released 2007

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Set List

We have 2 types of set lists. one that is taylored to club dates and one for festivals. club dates are 2 shows that are hour to hour 15 in length. Festivals are usually 45 mins.

lovin spoonful
Fo Sho
Mercy mercy mercy
southtown sound
heady- ocean