The Ta Ta Destroyers

The Ta Ta Destroyers

 Houma, Louisiana, USA

We are The Ta Ta Destroyers a Houma LA based rock/reggae band that knows how to party. Our music is reflective of that. Ta Tas puts its twist on reggae/indie/funk type style of music with lyrics based on zombies, video games, and sex.


The Ta Ta Destroyers acquired their name from a night of inebriated conversation and laughs. What was muttered by a band-mate that was supposed to be the “Cha Cha,” came out as the “Ta Ta,” leading to the destruction of the dance name, ensuing in the band’s title, The Ta Ta Destroyers. This band from Houma, Louisiana got together in 2007, and has continued to play shows in this area and along the Gulf Coast states.

The Ta Ta Destroyers transcends any one category of music. Instead, they traverse various genres of music from reggae, rock, ska, punk, indie, and some funk. This eclectic mix of genres produces noticeable sounds influenced by Sublime, Matisyahu, Bob Marley, Mars Volta, Darkest Hour, and Rage Against the Machine. Their lyrics are inspired largely by video games, sex, and zombies, which denotes the title of their EP, “Zombies Ate my Neighbors,” released in 2007. They have also just finished recording their first full-length album, “Rigamortus Shuffle,” due out in the summer of 2008. They are also set to record a music video for the single, “Death Becomes Her” later this year.

Their performances are not to be missed. The guys jam on stage like they’ve been doing it for years, and it doesn’t matter if the crowd is 10 or 1000, they deliver every time. The audience is always clearly entrenched in their music, dancing from the moment the music begins, and they don’t stop even after the guys stop playing. Check out their scheduled performance on

Immediate career goals for the group include booking tours along the west and east coast, and having their music heard by the masses. The band seems to be off to a momentous start, as this young band with members ranging in age from 19 to 24, has had coverage in magazines, newspapers, and on websites. They have also had their single, “Only the Slow Die Young” featured in the “Viva La Punk Vol. 1” compilation CD. They have also been played on local radio stations, and perform at music festivals.

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Green is Good - 4/20 Single 2010
Rigor Mortis Shuffle - Debut Album 2009
Zombies Ate My Neighbors EP - 2007