The Taters

The Taters


The Taters play upbeat, roots-pop music, in the tradition of the Everly Brothers & the Mavericks


Started as "Burnt Taters" in 1997, the band shortened to simply "The Taters" in 2002. "It's a lot easier to type", says Craig. When asked where "burnt taters" came from in the first place, the most you can get out of them is "Good question!"

With their newest CD, "RECESS", the Taters continue to explore and expand their musical palette, building on the sound they first created with their 1999 debut VOX BOX. Two-time winners of the Billboard Magazine CriticÂ’s Choice, they combine elements of pure-pop & classic roots music "without a trace of self-consciousness or pretensionÂ… the Taters draw up a formula that can rightly be claimed as their own" (Gordon Ely, Billboard Magazine).

"Our individual influences are all over the map, and we don't make any apologies for their prominence in our sound", explains Craig. When you hear the final product, though, you realize you're not listening to another retro band, but something new - a fresh mix. You'll recognize a lot of the individual flavors, but you've never tasted this combination before.

Each Tater bring his own style to the plate. "Craig Evans' bass lines are as simple or complex as any given song demands, and his lead and harmony vocals no doubt make Roy Orbison smile down from his perch in rock 'n' roll heaven every time he opens his mouth to sing. Guitarist Brad Tucker has forged a style that combines the richness of acoustic rhythm with lead fills and solos that simply is unheard of in modern popular music. And his vocals are as perfect a foil for Evans as Phil Everly was to brother Don."

The newest Tater is Stu Grimes. A large part of the new Tater sound, he's worked with LOTS of folks over the years, including: Tinsley Ellis, Chuck Leavell, Johnny Rivers, BJ Thomas, and Eddy Offord (producer Yes, ELP).

"It's hard to figure just where these guys have been all your life, but it's a no-brainer to tell where they're going. With a freshness and originality sorely lacking in contemporary music, The Taters are determinedly-and gleefully-forging a path with no limits or end in sight. This is music for which you've been waiting a long, long time.

The Taters have arrived, and the wait is finally over."
(Ely, Billboard Magazine)


VOX BOX (1999 Planetary Records)
STRANGE BUT TRUE (2000 Planetary Records)
RECESS (2003 MolioTown)

Set List

Set lists vary, depending on the venue. For parties and some clubs, we do more covers. For showcase clubs & festivals, we concentrate on more originals from the 3 CDs. We can provide a list of songs upon request.