The Tattersaints

The Tattersaints


Adventrous, personal and unpredictable but still pop music. High desert skies, nukes, UFO' s and dirt mix with roots in tin pan alley, 70s love songs and hard rock to feed a piano driven exploration beyond. Heavy rhythms battle country born guitar licks behind an deranged and angry Elton John.


In 1998 MAncle Anderson needed a break. He came to Albuquerque for a three day weekend. Entrapped by the New Mexican gravity and out of money, things quickly turned around. HE met Rhonda Rolfs. They formed a rock group called the Tattersaints. It was country to some and Alice Cooper to others. But absolutley different and inspired by those very things along with show tunes, Rod Serling, etc. Heath Dauberman soon joined and brought a dynamic counter aesthetic. The group began rehearsing at the infamous RED DOOR. While almost immediately playing local clubs to great critical response, they were also recording Low Orbit. This was the first proper record.
While members began playing with and recording/producing other artists Donkey in the Time Machine was already in the works with Jeffrey Richards (Hazeldine, Vic Chesnut) and Chris Kithchen (a bioChemist).


Kind of Live - 1999
Low Orbit - 2001
Donkey in the Time Machine - 2002