The Taxi Project

The Taxi Project


The Taxi Project is a young rock band with a fresh sound drawing from diverse influences in Jazz, Pop, Funk, and Blues. The band creates a high-energy wall-of-sound experience both in the studio and on stage. The Taxi Project is a band with a sound that is truly greater than the sum of it's parts.


From the day of their first show in October of 2008 on The Catalyst stage The Taxi Project has eagerly pushed the boundaries of their Santa Cruz hometown. Playing dozens of shows spanning the west coast The Taxi Project has shared the stage with national acts Tyrone Wells, The Dirty Heads and Iration. With shows at The Mint, Brixton South Bay, The Catalyst, The Saint Rocke and Moe's Alley, the band has also been interviewed and featured live on radio stations: KZOK (Seattle), KSCO (Bay Area), KPIG (Santa Cruz).

In May of 2009 The Taxi Project recorded their first EP "Never Speak" at world renowned Old Fire House Studios in Pasadena, CA. Produced by Jason T. Miller (Kanye West, Keyshia Cole) and engineered by Les Cooper (Fleetwood Mac, Rod Stewart, Ozzy Ozbourne) the project set a high bar for the young band. The album featured drummer Bernie Galane (MI Instructor) and trumpet player Mitch Manker (Ray Charles, Joni Mitchell, Steely Dan) and celebrates the musical maturity this band strives to offer in a power-chord driven market. During a 48 hour window, sandwiched between projects for Natalie Cole and Aretha Franklin, The Taxi Project captured the high-energy, fresh and soulful sound they have come to be known for.

Since the release of their EP the band has added many new songs to their set list. Running the gamut from R&B to dirty Louisiana rock the band plays to the strog-suits of it's members Josh Montoya (Vocals/Acoustic Guitar), Eric Thompson (Electric Guitar/MI Alumni), Justin Denewith (Bass), Kris DiNoto (Drums), Luke Ulavale (Keys), Taylor Herhusky (Sax), and Nick Bianchini (Trumpet). Central to the bands identity is a love for music's ability to unify people and celebrate their diversity, hence the name The Taxi Project.


Never Speak

Written By: Josh Montoya

My two feet
They won't move fast enough
And this street
Aint ever gonna be long enough
For defeat
Aint ever far enough away

Breathe deep
Is what I tell myself
When sleep
Anywhere can not be found
And it seems
That I can hear the sounds
Of sirens they are coming for me
Of this there will be no avoiding

Down fall, fall down
We'll find the ground in time
Down fall, fall down
But will it be our demise
So much to say but we don't say much
Though we talk for hours
About the weather, though it all mundane may be
We fill the air with words
And we never speak

Deep inside
My head I reminisce
About love
And the cure for loneliness
But I'll soon fall quiet for fear that this
Is something I can't fix

Down fall, fall down
We'll find the ground in time
Down fall, fall down
But will it be our demise

Find Yourself

Written By: Josh Montoya

Say, you seem not yourself
Worry be not far from you now
All that I'm trying to say
Is you're less than discreet
Pushing the whole world away
But you're heart is on your sleeve

You'll Find yourself
When all your fears
They go dancing all around you
You'll find yourself
Between your tears
When it all comes crashing down

Say, you seem so burdened down
Frailty, it seems, has stolen your crown
You're staring down clock hands
And biting your tongue as you wait
But time never should be prescribed
As the cure for our pain


Written By: Josh Montoya

Even if your heart won't beat
don't stop your feet
and don't take your eyes
off of the skies

and know that even if far away
you don't have
to walk alone
I'll be your hope


Even if catastrophe
Swears sure defeat
Don't take your eyes
off of the skies

Tongue Tied

Written By: Josh Montoya

My word, my way with words
Has all but left we with a curse
of broken harmonies on simple melodies
This awkward symphony composed
of simple phrases juxtaposed
To what they really mean
I guess what I really mean is...

Getting Nowhere

Written By: Josh Montoya

Around, round we go
getting nowhere cause' we're spinning
out in the cold
ice, eyes set somewhere on a fire
though we don't know
each days end from it's beginning
just our hearts warmed
is all of our desire

so don't you go turning and running away from
the shadows up ahead
for in the darkness you can find a light
don't you go and try to figure out a way around
every silhouette
you'll turn and find your own right by your side
Cause love is more than the moment that we share in a serenade
and love it is meant for more than royalty and renegades
love it is found by many so they claim
but love it just evades us all

we build up tall walls
to keep our secrets safe from mention
but what if we all fall
and no one hears the sound
it seems these four wall
built of all our best intentions
only serve as dams and chains
until we tear em' down


Never Speak (EP)
Red Light (Single)

Set List

The Taxi Project's song listing is...

-Never Speak
-Find Yourself
-Tongue Tied
-Getting Nowhere
-Red Light
-The Last Straw
-Anywhere The Wind Blows
-Rhetoric and Rhyme
-Hey Preacher
-Big Fish
-Dry Bones Dancing
-The Cause/The Cure
-If I Could Fly