The Tazmanian Devils first recording in twenty four years entitled “TAZ NUVOUX”. Produced by TAZ bassist Duane Van Dieman. The Devils again have crafted their remarkable blend of rock, reggae, blues and gospel to create some of their best work.


The Tazmanian Devils began in 1976 in Marin County California. High School friends form a band influenced by rock and roll, rythmn and blues and their own feel for Jamaican Reggae. The former Warner Bos. Recording Artists 1980-81 built a following of fans known as Tazmaniacs. Packing night clubs up and down the West Coast. Voted San Francisco Bay Area Night Club Band of the Year by Bam Magazine 1981, winning a Bammie.

Four of the original five band members are in the 2006 lineup as well as a new keyboard player. The group has been performing live in support of their new CD "Taz Nuvoux" on Dubwest Records..


2006 TAZ NUVOUX, Dubwest Records
1982 TAZMANIAN DEVILS "LIVE" 4Song 12" EP, Dublab Records
1981 BROADWAY HI-LIFE, Warner Bros. Records
1980 THE TAZMANIAN DEVILS, Warner Bros. Records