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The best kept secret in music


"Something Like Crew Love"

"...I was lucky enough to see GLC The Team for the second time. They are young, fresh, quirky and legitimately good. I like their one-liners, like “half of us are patriots, the other Tom Brady,” and the story about one rapper and his girl “on our way to an art museum…yeah, nigga, picture that.” What I appreciate about them is similar to my draw toward Beetyman: they drop random tidbits of insight in the middle of their fun semi-flighty songs. One second you’re listening about any old Saturday night and then you’re “picking up some poetry.” Another line they rapped went something like “stop hesitating/ make a move before your soul is levitating.” Then there are songs where they wax very political: “work a double shift and we still struggling…we just puppets in this government.” I guess this only suits me because I agree with them. They make me want to “stay fly like the right wing,” or like the left. GLC stands for “Good Life Coming.” While it comes, I’m wishing, begging, and yearning for something more, something more..." - Najah Amatullah


Still working on that hot first release.



The Team is a young hip-hop duo on the move in Oklahoma City. The duo made up of Tom Tucker and Continental Cudd, both 23, met when they were just in 3rd grade and formed a friendship over music and sports.

Tom Tucker was born Joel “Ja” Porter II Tucker uses his life experiences to influence his music such as growing up with divorced parents, the pain of recently losing his mother, and even his rap name which he got from his great-grandfather who was named Tom Tucker.

Continental Cudd found a love for rap/ hip hop around the age of 10 years old and notes artists such as 2pac, Biggie, Eminem, Digital Underground, and Snoop Dogg as some of his early influences.

The two friends began pursuing music seriously their sophomore year of college. It started out as a hobby but their passion gradually increased.

The two have had their own life challenges and struggles with living up to others expectations but they have carried on through it all to keep making their own lane in the OKC music scene.

The Team definitely has their work cut out for them but they are up for the challenge. The title to their new project “Good Life Coming” says it all. They are on their way to the good life and won’t stop until they get there.