The Technicolor Victrola

The Technicolor Victrola


“It’s rock’n’roll, figure it out..." Our name reflects the sound: something nostalgic yet timeless. You begin the journey lured by something familiar, but you listen without the rancor of tired, predictable tones. The Technicolor Victrola is on a mission to rock the way most are too scared to do.


While the idea for a 60s inspired rock’n’roll band was tossed and teased between the members for months, The Technicolor Victrola truly began to manifest these visions in November of 2008. Looking to artists such as The Kinks, The Zombies, Cream, early David Bowie, and Billie Holiday, the TV strives to stay true to rock in a totally unique, yet fitting way. The band began as Bryan Cerenzio (rhythm guitar, piano), Peter Cerenzio (lead guitar), Valerie Pomella (vocals), Robert Balleras (bass) and Donovan Lenker (drums). They played their first show after only two full-band rehearsals in downtown Long Beach, California. Though the abrupt and unorganized circumstances might’ve doomed the band’s first public appearance, the show was a success, the band was for real, and the TV wanted more.

The TV booked gigs in the South Bay area as well as up the Cali coast in Santa Barbara and San Francisco during the winter of 2008. In December, the TV was asked to play a couple of shows in Austin during SXSW opening for headlining acts The Circle Jerks, Lucero, The Hold Steady, and The Black Lips. The Technicolor Victrola figured they might as well make a road trip out of an excursion to Austin and teamed up with a few bands from Brooklyn, New York for an East Coast/South West tour of the United States. The band piled into Donovan’s 1993 Blue Bird, veggie-powered, school bus, Greased Lightening. She was famous nationwide for having made a cross-country trip the previous year, taking the F-Yeah Fest on the road. A few break-downs and many grease filters later, the TV arrived in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma where they played their first show for a near-empty, smoke filled, cowboy bar. This was followed by Kansas City, Missouri; Brooklyn, New York; Baltimore, Maryland; Chapel Hill, North Carolina; Atlanta, Georgia; Birmingham, Alabama; and New Orleans, Louisiana. After playing several shows during SXSW, the band embarked on their trip back to California and thought their month long journey was over. About a days drive outside Austin, one of Greased Lightning’s ball bearings started a fire, stranding the Technicolor Victrola in Ozona, Texas for three nights before they continued their trek home.

Since the tour, the TV continued to play shows, write music and refine their sound. Currently, The Technicolor Victrola is recording a second E.P. as a four-piece in San Pedro, California.


The Technicolor Victrola, E.P. 2009; the tracks of this E.P. can be heard on

Set List

Our Typical Setlist:
1. Sailing through Jealous Ports
2. Lil’ Bit the Hotter
3. Make You Choose
4. Falling Rocks
5. Nothing New
6. Some Kind of Dirty
7. Pull Shaped Slips
8. ’99 Seems So Long Ago
9. This Has an End
10. Barn Burner
11. Save Astronomers’ Eyes
12. Not Your Kind
13. Battle Cry
14. Cradle Song
15. Shaking Dumb

We typically play 45 minute sets. The covers we occasionally play are These Eyes (The Guess Who), Hanging on the Telephone (The Nerves),and Then He Kissed Me (The Crystals).