The TEECEE Experience' is who we are, with a very very long history gigging all over the country. We play all types of music, which include originals, and covers, consisting of blues, soul, funk, reggae, RnB and rock. A night to remember like no other is promised. The TEE CEE Experience the BAND.


Firstly "The Music", Tony is the songwriter and musician who has created the originals performed. A "Master Musician" whose expertise and overwhelming experience does and will "amaze" you.
A gig that brings to mind in which we played was during the black power convention, we had a line up of 4 band members, however the drummer did not make it to the gig, and the lead guitarist freaked out, I mean he froze.
We both continued with the gig, and we got an overwhelming response from the black power members, and there were probably 700members present who were all yelling and shouting, Yo! Yo! Yo!, and "yes" we did get paid. Tony, played bass, and I did the lead vocals.
Another gig that was overwhelming, featured 4 band members, and our amazing lead guitarist Deano Andrews. We played at the Maaori Queens 25th Coronation, after we won the battle of the band competition. This was truly amazing to be able to perform in front of the "lady" Te Arikinui Ataairangi Kahu.
Furthermore, Tony is the grandson of another well known great music writer, "King Kalakaua Kamehameha" who produced songs especially for his people in Hawaii.


To date, we do not have any tracks receiving radio airplay, or any singles released, however we are hoping that someone will consider listening to our music for possible air play.
Although, we do play our original music at gigs.

Set List

1st Set:consists of covers ie: mixture of RnB, Soul, Reggae, Hip Hop, Rock, Rockn Roll, Funk, lasting up to 2hours
2nd Set:consist of covers and selective number of originals, another mixture of some of the above genres, including jazz, cabaret and some old classic songs.
Our main aim is to play music to suit our clientele, because we want them to enjoy;