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Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, United States | INDIE

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, United States | INDIE
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"Wild Things- Editors Choice"

Well, these Teeth from Pennsylvania really make noise. OK, I know - you're fed up with bands who stick to making noise, who live permanently in their own private "rock'n'roll hell", who viciously attack your nervous system, who deafen you in concerts without actually playing anything, raising sales of Panadol (oops! I shouldn't say that) and earplugs. But now and then, when you least expect it, out of nowhere a bunch of brats comes to the front being so damn good that you are persuaded they're the real thing and you don't mind being served with loud shouting and general mayhem - you actually dig it. The Teeth are such a case. Homewrecker is the second album by Joey Heid / shouts, Johnny Peifer / guitar, Josh Kerstetter / bass and Jordan Rhoads / drums - after an EP titled Eat.Sleep.Drink. which preceded it - and shows that these guys having studied well anything that falls into the category of extreme noise, from ultra hardcore to speed/death and 'serious' metalcore, have set amidst the chaos a well-devised course for their longship. They have their own sonic identity - not metal, not h/c but somewhere in between - and they are way better than most of their 'colleagues'. Moreover, there's method to their madness, their lyrics are like diary entries of a dangerous psycho, their attack has surgical precision (direct punches in the face to have you lose a couple of teeth), they make you believe that despite being serious about their aggression they're basically good guys and not stinking posers and another strange thing about them is that you can actually listen to their stuff repeatedly after listening to music from another planet (e.g. Joni Mitchell) without any problem.

Oh, it's been a long time since I last listened to something that really annoys the neighbors (and - mind you - my neighbors are trained, they've heard it all). More!! -- Joe Wildthing
- John Wildthing


Yarnly Official 8.0

Central PA based record label Rock Paper Records' own The Teeth unleash 12 tracks of post-hardcore hell in their new full-length release Homewrecker. Your mission, if you chose to accept it, is an album filled with a dozen blistering tracks crammed full of loud guitars, heavy drums and intense vocals. It's what you'd expect from a group who's influences include Everytime I Die, and the legendary Glassjaw.

The Teeth - Homewrecker
The Teeth released a rockin' EP titled Eat.Sleep.Drink in 2010, and this album definitely uses that as a starting point, but clearly turns the 'heavy' up to 11. From the opening drum fill on the tune "Wind Up," through the ending guitar squelch on "Unoriginal Bastard," The Teeth make it a point, as if it's their duty, to let you know that you're listening to loud, metal-infused, rock. Bands in this style sometimes pussyfoot around the central idea of loudness rules. Make no mistake: The Teeth embrace it. The evolution from their EP just 2 short years ago is impressive, as they've pivoted to a harder sound overall. What's remarkable here is that they rumble through it like it's second nature - something that bands with a longer history can't pull off as easily.

Overall, every song hits you with excellent production, drums, bass, vocals and guitars, but out of all of the tracks on Homewrecker, one of the clear faves is "Texas Toast." It's shorter than most of the other tracks on the album, but it's the epitome of what they're trying to accomplish. Tight, heavy, in-your-face rock. The tunes "Homewrecker" and "Unoriginal Bastard," and the closer "Love Letter from the Future" are also winners. Throughout the whole release, the vocals are pitch-perfect in their delivery, lyrics and tone, but "Kiss of Death" and "High on Life" showcase some of the vocal high points.

If you're looking for a hardcore good time - chock full of riffs and heavy hooks - and are looking for an album where you can hear the blood, sweat and tears that go into real music, then you won't be disappointed with The Teeth's Homewrecker.

- Mike - Yarnly


The Teeth have done something very few bands can do in this industry anymore and that's stay true to their style without writing the same album twice. With the upcoming release of their second album and debut on Rock Paper Records, 'Homewrecker', the band is about to release something that not only is something they're proud of, but I can also say is worth more than it's weight in gold. If you liked their first album 'Eat.Sleep.Drink.' then when this album drops, you will want to be sure to get your hands on a copy.

One of the first tracks that catches my attention is, of course, their first single "Bulletproof". Being the first song to be released you think it would define the album but it doesn't! About a minute in on the fourth track of the album "Kiss of Death", the band memorizes you with a lick that's so rhythmic you get goosebumps. The track following that, "Undead Horse" hits hard, "Texas Toast" is a hit, the title track is unreal... but the song that makes the whole album come together is "Love Letter From The Future", the last track of the album. The album starts of with a bang with"Wind Up", but "Love Letter..." maintains the feel of the twelve-track punch to the face until the end when it slows down a bit to let you breathe again and get out of the mosh pit-- you know, the one that was started in your head ten seconds after you pushed play.

If you like real hardcore, this album is for you.

Track Listing:

01 Wind Up (feat. Ricky Armellino from This Or The Apocalypse)
02 Bulletproof
03 Son of the Bronx
04 Kiss of Death
05 Undead Horse
06 Interlude II
07 False Profit
08 Texas Toast
09 Homewrecker
10 Unoriginal Bastard
11 High on Life
12 Love Letter from the Future (feat. Carson Slovak from Armsbendback/Century) - Music & Noise

"The Teeth – Homewrecker. A review of sorts."

Look, I’m not a professional reviewer of things. I’m a guy who likes stuff he likes, and also talks about stuff he likes. A lot. I can’t help it. So when I run across something I really dig, I pretty much have to tell everyone I know. Good thing this podcast and blog came along to help me do that, right?! Right?

Ok, now that that’s out of the way, I wanted to take a minute or two to let you know about a band that I really like, and their new album. They are called The Teeth, and god damn, I can’t get enough of them. The style is a little difficult to describe. They’re not hardcore, or metal, or good old fashioned rock and roll. They’re kind of a mix of the three. I would personally say that if you’re a fan of Every Time I Die, you’d dig them.

Now, the album: Homewrecker. From the first track until the last, it’s heavy duty. I am trying so hard to not describe it with overly used terms, mainly because they’re used to the point that they really don’t mean much anymore. Every album is the heaviest album EVAR, and every break down is the sickest. But shit, there is really no way to talk about this album without calling it super heavy, super rocking, and flat-out ill. Kids still say “ill”, right?

Bottom Line: I can safely say that this is my new favorite album, and I can’t wait until you can hear it and talk about it.

Homewrecker will be released on Rock Paper Records on August 14th. Until then, how about you watch their video for the single, Bulletproof?

Enjoy it, Outcasts.

Bill! - The Popular Outcasts


"HOMEWRECKER" Released August 14th, 2012 on Rock Paper Records

"EAT.SLEEP.DRINK." Re-release February 14th, 2012 on Rock Paper Records

"EAT.SLEEP.DRINK." Released March 2011



Formed in the Fall of 2010, The Teeth hit the ground running with their debut EP “Eat.Sleep.Drink.” The four piece group delivers a one-two punch of high energy post hardcore and dirty southern melodic rock; drawing from influences such as Every Time I Die, Glassjaw, and The Bronx. The group is made up of road worn friends from previous touring bands with one common interest: Divide and Conquer. In the short two years of their existence, The Teeth are already pushing to make their mark. Sharing the stage with the likes of Stray from the Path, Letlive, The Greenery, The Bunny The Bear, and Valient Thorr, with several small tours under their belt, there is no end in sight. Following the success of “Eat.Sleep.Drink.,” The Teeth are set to release their first full-length album, “Homewrecker,” on August 14, 2012. Recorded in April of 2012 with Carson Slovak and Grant McFarland at Atrium Audio (August Burns Red, This or the Apocalypse, Texas in July) in Lancaster, PA, “Homewrecker” takes the party rock and roll tone from “Eat.Sleep.Drink.” to a whole new level. With a combination of hardcore, rock, metal, and even punk elements, “Homewrecker” is not for the faint of heart.