The Telepathic Butterflies

The Telepathic Butterflies


Against a backdrop of rhythmic guitars, moving bass lines and frenetic drums, their sound can be described as a mix of vintage Teenage Fanclub, Cotton Mather and Beatles; harmonizing over an aggressive guitar assault not unlike Nirvana or Oasis.


Their name, inspired by a passage in Kurt Vonnegut’s novel Breakfast of Champions, speaks volumes about the sound of this Winnipeg based group.

Where do you go to find yourself?
Think about that as you listen to Breakfast in Suburbia, The Telepathic
Butterflies third and most ambitious full-length recording. You may realize
the answer is right before your ears, as the music of Rej Ricard and Jacques
Dubois is the sort of infectious pop-rock that envelops listeners in a
comforting, familiar glow.
Listen carefully to the songs on this disc and you¹ll also realize that
Ricard and Dubois have crafted a compelling examination of modern life. This
is an album that expounds on the drudgery of everyday life, and expresses the alienation and paranoia that can swallow up the anchorless among us ("There¹s eyes along the way" < The Wishing Invisible).
Written from the point of view of several characters living in a typical
suburb, Breakfast in Suburbia is a matter-of-fact piece of sonic art,
created by young men who recognize that life is a long haul. Yet there is
also redemption in the soaring harmonies, ringing melodies and lovingly
crafted songs of The Telepathic Butterflies.
And maybe that¹s the point.
The warmth of Ricard and Dubois¹ music stems from the players¹ shared
passion for edgy melodic rock and garage pop, an oft-overlooked musical
genre that can be traced from to the earliest Beatles and Buddy Holly
through the likes of Badfinger, The Faces, The Records and all the way up to
contemporary acts such as New Pornographers or Louis XIV. Since 1999,
singer/guitarist/bassist Rej and drummer/vocalist have diligently worked at
crafting guitar-based pop music that has always had more to say than the
latest tuned-down, melodramatic post-grunge act. They¹ve released two
critically lauded, self-produced albums on Rainbow Quartz < Introducing The
Telepathic Butterflies and Songs from a Second Wave < and they have set
bodies a-swaying and gotten feet a-moving on nightclub dancefloors from
Montreal to L.A. and all stops in between.
Rej and Jacques¹ love of songcraft and authenticity is exemplified by their
painstaking, recording process, in which their vintage, 16-track analog
studio becomes almost a third member of the group. When modern pop music is
handmade like this, it¹s obviously a labour of love.
Which is where finding oneself comes into this equation. When Rej and
Jacques convene to play and write and record in their basement studio, it¹s
apparent that this is where their world makes the most sense.
Listen to Breakfast in Suburbia and it¹ll make sense to you, too.
Their music is a blend of equal parts jangle, psychedelia, melody and harmony. Their songs navigate through multi-layered arrangements steeped with avante sonic textures.


The Guilty Party

Written By: Regean Ricard

There’s nothing else I’d rather do
Sitting here, smiling there
It’s not where I want to be
But I don’t care

There’s nothing else I’d rather think
Standing here, wishing where I was,
Was where I want to be,
But I don’t care

But then I start to care
I saw you sleeping there
And as I lie awake my dear, my dear

There’s something else I haven’t said
Something sad, something bad
I’d rather not relate
But I don’t dare

There’s someone else beyond these walls
Somewhat near, though still unclear
It’s not what you long to hear
But I don’t care

But then I start to care
I saw you lying there
Before you go to sleep my dear, my dear

But you’d never know, if it not be told
Temperatures afflare when the truth be known
And as I lie awake by the T.V glow I know, I know

Before I let you go
I thought you’d like to know
Before I walk away my dear, my dear

Love (Is) For Hire

Written By: Regean Ricard

In the dark and dusty streets
Where the sunlight has never been seen
There were nights when I’d walk on by
Other times when I couldn’t deny

When you left without a word
How the silence was deafeningly heard
When you broke off our only tie
Do you know what you’re leaving behind?

Slow down, love takes you higher
Slow down, love is for hire

And these walls here never lie
But their tales hold an ugly disguise
Where the sleepless souls all retire
There’ll be no need here to enquire


Sometimes when I realize
That if I was found, I would rather be bound than be sympathized
So I’ll walk away in time
But if I was wrong I would rather be strong
Than to compromise, for yesterday’s plights

There’ll be no need to explain
Once the faces have all gone away
And the whispers will soon dissipate
For tomorrow’s another to face



Breakfast In Suburbia (Rainbow Quartz 2008)
Songs From A Second Wave (Rainbow Quartz 2004)
Introducing The Telepathic Butterflies (Rainbow Quartz 2003)
Nine Songs (Independent 2001)