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The Telepathic Butterflies

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The best kept secret in music


"Songs From A Second Wave"

Hey, hey, hey! Take me back to 1967, daddio. For the TB’s…erm…the last 25-odd years haven’t happened. Not that that’s such a bad thing, as this excellent album could easily be the best Beatles album that was never made.
Although lumped in with the 21st Century wave of psych-rockers, The Telepathic Butterflies have more in common with indie-pop, or even the Posies than a bunch of purple cord wearing acid kings. Or indeed, The Beatles.
Throughout this album, but particularly on tracks such as ‘Four Leaf Clover’, Rejean Ricard’s guitar sound is very much George Harrison. Meanwhile, ‘Love (is) For Hire reminds me of the Beatles’ arch enemies, The Beach Boys.
Although winter is approaching faster than my cat to the back door when it’s hungry, The Telepathic Butterflies have made the perfect summer album for the winter. Contrary, but clever.
Sam Metcalf
- TASTY webzine UK

"Songs From A Second Wave"

To some of you it may be of interest to mention another tiny little detail about this album … along with Bronco Bullfrog’s “Oak apple day”, this is THE album of the year so far!

Goran Obradovic / POPISM radio show; Serbia & Montenegro
- POPISM radio show; Serbia & Montenegro

"Telepathic Butterflies"

The heart of Canada’s Telepathic Butterflies world is a kaleidoscope, where it’s forever 1967 cum 1987; heady, rolling beats and jangling guitars and tambourines are the order of the day …it’s comforting to know that there will always be a safe haven for sky-blue choruses, permanent grins and guitars played somewhere around the nipples. - LOGO Magazine Uk

"Telepathic Butterflies"

Steeped in the sounds of the late-‘60s, their pop comes packed with hooks and an undeniably retro feel. - Chart Magazine


Songs From A Second Wave (Rainbow Quartz 2004)
Introducing… (Rainbow Quartz 2003)
Nine Songs (Independent 2001)


Feeling a bit camera shy


After endearing themselves to the psyche-lodic guitar-pop cognoscenti with their aptly-named 2003 Rainbow Quartz debut, INTRODUCING, the Telepathic Butterflies take flight once again, this time with a brilliant new full-length effort titled SONGS FROM A SECOND WAVE.

Like the material that comprised its critically heralded predecessor, Songs from a Second Wave captures the inspired and inspiring work of guitarist/vocalist and principal songwriter Rejean Ricard, drummer/percussionist Jacques Dubois and bass player Eric Van Buren, and projects it in layer upon vibrant layer of extra-spectral resonance, conjuring sonic shapes and shadows at once classically familiar and compellingly novel. First-rate performances and bang-on harmonies mingle with decidedly adroit arrangements, timeless production nuances and subtly profound lyrics, ultimately confirming the Telepathic Butterflies membership among the contemporary masters of the melodic pop realm.

The namesake compositions on Songs from a Second Wave were written, rehearsed and recorded in the south end of the Telepathic Butterflies’ hometown of Winnipeg, Canada. Songs from a Second Wave is bookended with a good-natured and instantly memorable opening rocker called “Bonhomie,” and the dreamy, Beatlesque closer “Big Bang!,” several lines of which are delivered en francais – a first for any Telepathic Butterflies recording.

Though formed during the waning years of the 20th Century, the Telepathic Butterflies’ core duo of Rej and Jake has been closely acquainted for about as long as Kurt Vonnegut’s Breakfast of Champions has been in print. Bass player Eric, meanwhile, came into the fold shortly after the 2000 release of the band’s independent debut CD Nine Songs (several tracks of which were revisited two years later on the much more widely released Introducing). Previously, Eric handled four-string duties as a member of now defunct Winnipeg art-rock combo Grand Theft Canoe.