The Telephone Company

The Telephone Company


"The genius of the duo - Pat Healy and Jason "Chef" Pittman - is mixing catchy pop hooks and often very simple arrangements with -- there is no other word for it -- utterly weird lyrics that make Shel Silverstein look like a regulatory rule-writer." -Zooglobble review


Chef and Pat have been making children's music as The Telephone Company for over six years. They were influenced by Jim Copp and Ed Brown, Pee Wee's Playhouse, and a host of other children's entertainers. Their dynamic and other worldly lyrics set them apart from many of their peers. They have played most of the libraries in the central Texas circuit, SXSW '09, and also ACL '09. They are a hard core baby band!


The King's Surprise? CD (Business Deal '03)
Business Deal Top 40 Compilation CD (Business Deal '05)
Panda Brain! CD (Business Deal '09)

Set List

Our typical set list is about twelve to fifteen songs which are all under three minutes. Our last set was:

Mr. Peanut
Baba Ganouj
The King's Surprise
Bomb Pop
Identical Twin Brothers
Little Mermaid Time
The Old Man Song
Panda Brain

That set was about thirty minutes. We do an adaptation of a Kink's song, but we changed the words around.