The Telephones

The Telephones

 New York City, New York, USA

The Telephones are indie rock meets classic rock, filthy jokes and dirty guitars, nerd pop and hard rock, wrapped up in a tight quartet guided by intense, wailing vocals that make your soul quiver.


Jesse Adelman (guitar + vocals) and Bradley Albert (keyboards) of The Telephones met at Brown University, honing their musical chops in a shared basement before moving to Brooklyn, NY in 2001. Jesse worked to cultivate his natural ability for writing soulful, witty, southern-inflected indie rock, and the two have been consistently recording music ever since.

In 2002, the duo released their first EP, entitled "Music for Babies", following up in 2005 with the full-length "Fight Night at Rodeo Dodo". Bassist Anton Kreisl joined as a full-time member in 2007. The threesome took New York by storm, garnering critical acclaim ("Revved up new wave; poignant lyrics; oddball sense of humor" - Time Out New York) and rocking the city's best music venues.

Last year was a big year for The Telephones. Taking control of their own production for the first time, the band produced and recorded "Volume 1" (2009) - the first release in a planned series of self-produced and recorded EPs - in their own studio space. The Telephones are currently working on "Volume 2", slated for release in 2010. The band continues to grow a passionate East Coast following, having recently drawn over 200 fans to Mercury Lounge and over 400 at the Blender Theater. Their follow-up EP, “Volume 2” features their eclectic mix of amazing rock music.

Together, their influences range from Dylan to Pixies to Muddy Waters to Pavement to Canned Heat to T. Rex to Guns and Roses.



Written By: Jesse Adelman

come on kitty throw me a bone don't be alone
don't look back walk out the door that's what it's there for
if you're tired of making love on your own, pick up the phone
don't make a big mess of my jones don't be alone

i was a libertine and you remind me
it wasn't make-believe was it not discreet

well you love me at two, three, four - what is it good for?
when your underwear is still on the floor with your makeup and cigarettes
from the jump you were ready to go and follow me home
don't make a big mess of my jones don't be alone

Life Is Great

Written By: Jesse Adelman

everyone’s tired of waiting everyone lies and I don’t care
when I get caught masturbating I got it all and I won’t share
I always take direction there’s nothing that I won’t wear
I’m practicing speech inflections and baby I don’t care

what’s underneath the sidewalk treasures below the asphalt
life is great when you don’t talk – wasting my time

and I was fuel injected waiting in line
they said it was so affected I didn’t mind
you came to my arraignment but what did you say
it was all for my entertainment I like it okay

Just the Cure

Written By: Jesse Adelman

when we’re old, will you come back for me?
after the cold, we’ll plant our family tree
tell them all we’ll be just how we’ll be
have a ball until we all get cold feet

you turned cold; we’d all freeze
when we’re sold we’d all need
one thing more if you come home please tell me
was i nothing more than just a cure for your disease?

when the dog dies will you come sniffing round?
as the crow flies and the mercury’s dripping down
let her cry the leaves are thin and brown
ask her why she's got a name in every town

and it seems like there’s nothing to do
we can’t swallow the things that we chew
so tell me what’s better for you
we’ll make it through i’ll eat it too

Sitcom Writer

Written By: Jesse Adelman

most of the time he just sits right down and writes
he's making a rhyme until he makes things right
up on a climb and he likes getting high
he's doing a crime doing everything but fight

every song is a comeback every episode is a crackerjack
laugh right along with the laughtrack until he buys it; till he buys it
he's a sitcom writer

most of the time you're not hungry for a bite
things will be fine when you keep it high and tight
covered in grime always writing your first lie
stuck in your prime when there's nothing left to buy

you get born go to school learn the rules you're a sitcom writer
have a drink watch the kids keep a lid on sitcom writer
up late with a tv show nobody knows the sitcom writer
tell a dirty story of a dirty man sitcom writer
take the rights pass a sleepless night sitcom writer
the script is on your lips sitcom writer


Music for Babies (EP), 2001
Fight Night at Rodeo Dodo, 2005
Volume 1 (EP), 2009
Volume 2 (EP), 2012

Set List

The Telephones have over 70 songs, all original compositions. The band can play blistering sets from 30- to 120-minutes long.