The Tender Trio

The Tender Trio


We are an eclectic group of jazz and soul musicians who love to have a great time and put on a great show. With most members hailing from the Midwest, we have a down to earth charm that attracts audiences to our lively music.


The Tender Trio was formed when members of influential chicago R&B outfit 2620 decided to part ways. While members of the group remain friends, they have each forged on with new projects. One such project is The Tender Trio. Fusing the sounds of classic Motown-era soul with the sharp songwriting of classic American pop, The Tender Trio exudes a skill and exuberance that belies their relative youth. Reflecting the eclectic sounds of their surroundings in Chicago's creatively burgeoning Wicker Park, the band utilizes the vast musical experience of each of its members to create music that has garnered them both audience praise and critical adulation. Songs such as the passionate "Gotta Get Up" delineate a paradox that permeates much of the band's music. Over a blazing funk track, lead singer Jonathan Tolliver speaks of adoration for a lost loved one: "I wonder what you're doing now/I bet you're a big star by now/ You're my hero." The music suggests passion, while the lyrics hint at an underlying emotionality. Other songs, such as the gospel influenced "Like No One Else," co-written by talented songsmith Alex Rohlwing and Tender Trio members Raul Cotaquispe and Jonathan Tolliver, showcase both their mature compostional skills and their knack for creating catchy hooks. Listen to the bridge and see how long you can go without humming along. Though the band continues to shape its sound and explore the different possibilities that their skills afford them, they each have their hearts rooted in soul. Judging by what they've already accomplished, it won't be long before the music world is singing, in four part harmony, the praises of this up and coming act.

Set List

We typically play two sets.

Set 1
Wondermint-News to Me-Darlin'-All I Want is Love-Dock of the Bay(Cover)-Like No One Else-Favorite Game-
Set 2
Stand!(Cover)-Crazy(Cover)-Gotta Get Up-Lady-Alley-Chains-How Insensitive(Cover).