The Ten Pound Factor

The Ten Pound Factor


Insightful, melodic, guitar driven rock...


October 19, 2004 - The Ten Pound Factor's debut full-length, 13 song CD, "Fed 'Til We're Dead," is released and is available at,, and

The Ten Pound Factor is comprised of an intricate layering of instrumentation and vocal harmony: acoustic and electric guitars, bass guitars, keyboards, drums, and percussion. These harmonies are woven to create a sound all its own. The vocal harmonies have a meaning themselves, blending with the music in a Beach Boys style. Yet, refreshingly you’ll hardly find any “love songs” here; the lyrics focus primarily on life issues. The group is the brainchild of Ryan Chisholm, whose vision seeps through the songs. He records and produces the music and instruments (minus the drums), as artists like Trent Reznor. Ryan layers the songs with details and intricacies that keep you discovering new interpretations and meanings with each listen. Beatlesque bass lines dance along with a raw electric guitar sound reminiscent of Guns ‘N’ Roses, based on a primarily two-guitar interplay. The drums have an R&B meets rock feel, with distinct bass drum beats that keep your feet stompin’ and tambourines and shakers that keep your body movin’. There’s also a delicate blend of piano and acoustic guitar that softens some of the songs.

Ryan Chisholm grew up at the dawn of MTV, in the “glam rock” era of music. His best friend began teaching him guitar in the 6th grade. Eventually they decided to form a band. Since they needed a drummer — enter Ryan’s brother, Chris, who was more than willing to fill the position. From there they began playing high school and Halloween parties, performing covers of Guns ‘N’ Roses, Tesla, and the Black Crowes. It was during this period that Ryan began writing songs, wanting to express himself through music and pushing the band to do originals. Eventually, the band dissolved. Luckily, while working at a record and tape store, Ryan met a fellow employee who played guitar and had a 4-track home studio. They got together to play. Ryan wrote music and played acoustic guitar, while his friend played electric. Ryan became entranced with writing and recording songs. The duo released a demo EP in 1993 under the name, “Tungus Grumph and Wax.” This outlet was a much easier way for Ryan to express himself and get his ideas out than in a band setting. It also taught him the basics of recording and arranging songs. After they split, Ryan and Chris invested in their own recording equipment. They recorded 3 demo EPs between 1994 and 1998, leading up to their 2004 full-length release, “Fed ‘Til We’re Dead.”


Our Philosophy

Written By: Ryan Chisholm

The only limits your mind, what you'll find
(Our philosophy, collectively)
It's yours and it's mine to define
(Our philosophy, collectively)

Some look for a sign
For a voice, but whatever you find

You'll know you've become aware
Look everywhere
(Our philosophy, collectively)
We're all connected inside, what you'll find
(Our philosophy, collectively)

It's up to us to decide in our minds
(Our philosophy, collectively)
It brings us closer inside, to our lives
(Our philosophy, collectively)

There's no reason, no rhyme
You can look but you won't find

Until you've become aware
Look everywhere
(Our philosophy, collectively)
We're all connected inside, what you'll find
(Our philosophy, collectively)


Written By: Ryan Chisholm

Sittin' in bed, tryin' to sleep
But I can't sleep another wink
I've got too many things on my mind
And if I could I'd wash away
All those things I said today
I don't really think I knew what was right

Now I've got doubts about the future that looked
So bright, i'd just like to forget and move on

I won't make the same mistakes again
Who I was before I kicked out the door
If you only knew what I've been through
To make me see things differently

Sitting at the bar, tryin' to think
Bartender pour me one last drink
I think I'll just drown it out, of my mind
See, I blamed you for everything
The mistake I made was not blaming me

Right now I could use some time think
Right now I could use some time breathe
All these things in my head
I need to get out before I'm dead

Now I don't want your sympathy
But I don't want to live in misery
I just hope you understand me

Are You Rollin'?

Written By: Ryan Chisholm

Are You Rollin'?

One night, out, this girl came up to me
She looked so fine; she came up to me
And she asked me one, simple question...

Everybody's playin'
No one can explain it
How it got created
We're not the one's who make

But everybody does it
The ecstasy ignites it
The smoke gets into ya
The pleasure will convince you

(Are you Rollin'?)
You just can't seem to get enough
(Are you Rollin'?)
The more we get we want
(Are you Rollin'?)
You just can't seem to get enough
(Are you Rollin'?)
Just let your life roll on

We're so high, 'cause we like to roll
We're so high, 'cause we like to roll

Man, this stuff is good


October 19, 2004 - The Ten Pound Factor: "Fed 'Til We're Dead." 13-song, full-length CD available at,, and

1998 - The Ten Pound Factor: "Self Titled." 8-song EP

1995 - Modisto: "Self Titled." 6-song EP

1994 - River: "Land." 8-song EP

1992 - Tungus Grumph and Wax: "Self Titled." 7-song EP