The Ten Thousand is Rock and Roll in its sexual prime. Passionate songs that hook you in with thoughtful lyrics, vocal harmonies and cathartic songwriting. Music that harnesses feelings that range from despair to bliss. The Ten Thousand have found the secret of the old masters: Pure Raw Energy.


In less than a year, The Ten Thousand has gone from an unknown one man bedroom project to a highly-lauded 5 person unit who's only goal is to create an emotional musical experience that is both immediately involving and completely raw. "It's important to all of us", singer Kevin Moultrie says,"that our music is a complete experience whether live or recorded. And that just means it's gotta be honest."

With a quickly growing catalog of songs, The Ten Thousand has begun leaving their mark all over Los Angeles with electric live performances and a strong following.

Formed by 5 UCLA students brought together from a diverse musical background in the spring of 2011, it didn't take long to realize that the energy and music coming out of the supposed one-time collaboration was something that would last and grow.

Their sound owes much to the combination of talents in the quintet. Dylan Robin's rapid fire guitar licks over the explosive percussion provided by Garrett find their counterparts in Nathan and Satoru's cinematic melodies on bass and keys (both Ethnomusicology scholars and the latter also does A Capella arrangements). Tied together with soulful and powerful vocal performances by Kevin and a Dylanesque ear for lyrics, they are able to capture the emotional intensity that drives their sound.

The band's music could be described as garage rock gone horribly right, or as one spectator commented, "What would happen if John Legend and the White Stripes decided to cover Beach Boys songs." Either way their songs have a cathartic quality that resonates with their audiences and listeners.

With songs that run the gamut from multi-metered intellectual tracks to four-on-the-floor dance songs, slow burn psychedelics to straight-up bangers, The Ten Thousand is a live act to be reckoned with.