The Terms

The Terms


The Terms are a Sydney based three-piece Alternative Blues/Rock band featuring a unique blend of three part harmonies, distinctive melodies and songwriting strength. Their sound has been compared to Muse, My Morning Jacket, The Black Keys, Nirvana, Tim Buckley, Pink Floyd, and Paul Dempsey.


The Terms are a Sydney based indie rock three-piece consisting of three brothers: Andrew Woods (guitar/vocals), Chris Woods (bass/vocals), and Mitch Woods (drums).
The Terms have played some shows, recorded a demo and are currently in rehearsal to record thier upcoming debut EP. An EP launch show is scheduled for some time in 2010.


Previously the Woods brothers have played in Rock/Blues band Interstellar Overdrive, from 2005-08. Named after a classic Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd song, this indie rock band headlined over 150 shows in the Sydney area in their three years together. Highlights include having tracks played on Triple Js ‘Roots and All’ show and FBi radio.

Set List

A typical set list varies from 40-60 minutes and contains as many songs as we can fit into it, all storytelling blues rock gems from the brain of songsmith Andrew Woods.

'Heartbeat' - Filled with emotion and meaning, Heartbeat conveys a comedown experience worth remembering. An epic song.

‘Got the Keys’ - Showing off the Woods' tightness as a band, this dirty rock song is Lennon-esque in the vocals intensity, with a Neil Young twist.

‘Collectables’ - Based on a true story about a twisted odds and ends dealer in inner Sydney who had plastic surgery to look like Michael Jackson, and who had the entire contents of his store auctioned off by the police upon his death. Sparse yet beautiful.

‘1945’ - Our grandfather Lawrence McGowen was a Bomb Aimer in Lancaster’s during WWII and this is our tribute to his amazing story of bravery, extreme danger and the will to live.

‘Gon' Leave 'er’ - Starting with the words "I'm gon' leave 'er/I don't need her" and ending with "I hope you