The Terrible Parables

The Terrible Parables


Simple and memorable melodies packaged with moving lyrics with a depth that leaves the listener with something to think about: the folk vibe created by married couple Jaime and Beth Gylan grabs the audience with sweet harmonies and a subtlety comparable to Simon and Garfunkel or The Bowerbirds


The Terrible Parables consists of Jaime and Beth Gylan from Baltimore, MD. Jaime previously recorded 9 albums with the band The Deep End before launching into this current project with his wife.


Little minds make little things

Written By: Jaime Gylan

Graham Bell was a bit down when he yelled into the void
then a bright idea helped save his voice
And a man who called himself Tom had a real fear of the dark
but a bright idea helped light his heart
The Wright Bros. down in Kitty Hawk had a distance still to go
but a bright idea helped lift them both
Newton had an argument with an apple in descent
but a bright idea helped make them friends
And if you wanna dream, dream big
Whats the alternative?
Little minds make little things

Your'e not an Einstein, but if you were one
then something would be found
when a bright idea glued you to the ground
Now you don't have to reinvent the wheel
to be like Henry Ford
for a bright idea might keep you floored
There's an angel watching over us
that brought you here to me
with a bright idea that earned her wings
If you're gonna dream, dream big
What's the alternative?
Little minds make little things


Suburban Raggamuffins- 2007
Dose- 2010
Big Meadows- 2013