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"Rhythm and Blues Funk Sensation Terryl Lee takes over the Alphabet Lounge."

I was recently invited to see a new singer/songwriter performer by the name of Terryl Lee. He is a 25-year-old Rhythm and Blues, acoustical, funk singer hailing from New York City. I have to admit being so used to going to see live sets and free shows, I sometimes get adamant about these things. Its usually live bands smoked filled air and lousy microphone connections. Not to mention a very all to familiar intimate setting. But there was something different about this show. Upon walking in this place, located in the east village of New York City. The Alphabet Lounge was pumping when Terryl Lee hit the stage with his live band, which consisted of a background singer, a bass player, guitarist, and drummer. We the audience did not know what to expect. We just knew someone great was about to hit the stage. The band was dressed to kill and ready to give you the very best of Terryl Lee. In true star form, Lee, used a stool chair for sitting down with his very own guitar in hand and a slanted fedora hat on side ways commanding the audience’s full attention. And full attention is what we gave him.

The Opening number “Old school feeling� an up-tempo blues song that made you want to get up and start dancing and it reminded me of why I loved that old school music back in the day too. When he opened with this song he delivers that and more. He then slowed it down and told the audience he had written a song dedicated to his daughter called “Beautiful.� He sang that song with so much passion. His voice was as a smooth as the guitar strings he plays and his image is as fresh as the music he brings to the audience. Yes, I said fresh because he creates his own style and sounds like no other performer out now. He put the guitar down and gave us some dance moves unexpected but reminiscence of the miseducation of Lauryn Hill days, or a John Legend. By the time the third song “Ain’t No Sunshine� a cover originally made by the late Bill Withers was performed the audience was captivated. Everyone in the audience was amazed on how well he and the band connected and sounded so good together. That chemistry was priceless. You couldn’t take your eyes off of him. You felt as if he was talking to you about his life and the things he was going through. He connected with the audience. He spoke to everyone young; old; white; black; man or woman.

Then he performed “His Story part 1� a sure to be hit and not to mention one of my favorite songs. This hip-hop joint, reminds me of a Dr. Dre produced track. He singed and rapped on this song and hearing it live on stage made it even more compelling. He takes it to the hood on this song. I guess its part of his diverse style. And not to mention, the version he did this night was a remix version. Although, I must say the highlight of the show was his reenactment of Lauryn Hill’s “Lost ones� the crowd went ecstatic. The way he performed it would have made Hill very proud. I think he was overwhelmed by the reaction he started dancing and rapping even harder. After seeing him do that on stage it reminded me of why I love and miss Lauryn Hill. Are we ready for a male version?

Other tracks he performed “Come home to me�. “Had enough� and he closed out with “His Story Part 3�. But wait where was part 2? But anyway, by this time he had already declared and showed us all he is a force to be reckoned with. With only 5 more minutes on the clock, he managed to give us the audience one more song. He performed another version of “His Story part 1�. It was reminiscent of U2’s classic “Where the streets have no name. � He called it “part 1.5.� That was amazing and a complete surprise. There is nothing this band can’t play. Record labels should take notice. He is definitely original and asks yourself when was the last time you saw a young man with a live band performing acoustical hip-hop soul with his guitar in hand? I think its time for his story to be told. And like the name of his debut cd entitled “ His Story� due out in summer 08’ He is doing just that and will continue performing to packed venues throughout the winter. For all things Terryl Lee, go to, to get highlights of this show and info on his up coming shows and events.

A must see!! A. - Shawn Ray / Press, Inc.


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The Terryl Lee Band consists of Terryl Lee (vocals and guitar), Paul Jean (vocals), Peter Bryniczka (guitar), Jeff Wasserman (bass) and Clark Thiemann (drums). The lineup coalesced in the summer of 2007 and has quickly developed into a versatile unit capable of turning Terryl's songs into smooth R&B jams, full-on funk workouts, blazin' hip-hop bangers, rootsy reggae trips, or, more often than not, some combination of all.