The Texreys

The Texreys


The Texreys are a Garage Rock band from Austin Texas. If you dig Horror Movies, Creatures Features, Schlock Culture and Fuzz driven Garage Rock this creepin' combo from Texas will get your bones rattlin'. Their new album "Cave Girl" is self released.


Us creeps are a Garage Rock band from Austin, Texas.
Texas had some great bands during the 60s Garage Rock explosion.
We're doin' our bit to keep that cool music alive...
If you dig Schlock Culture, Horror/Creature Features, Trash/B-Movies, and Fuzz driven Garage Rock...Don't be shy, check us out !
The Band:
Brendan 'Wig' Kibble (Vocals/Guitar)
Wig is an Aussie who's 80s Garage band The Bam Balams had a number of releases on the Citadel label.(home to popular Aussie 8os acts The Stems, Lime Spiders, New Christs)

Eddy C Best (Lead Guitar/Vocals)
Eddy was in the original pre-New York line up of legendary US Punk band The Dead Boys. When Stiv Bators (The Dead Boys singer) went solo and cut the cult hit "It's Cold Outside" for Bomp Records, Eddy was his guitarist.

Vic Gerard (Bass/Vocals)
Vic has played with Davie Allen (60s Fuzz guitar King), and Nokie Edwards (The Ventures).
He has also been a member of Austin faves The Derailers, and Two Hoots and a Holler.

John Dorn (Drums/Vocals)
John has played with many Austin bands over the years, most notably The Beatosonics, who's lead guitarist was Jim Diamond the now world famous record producer.
(White Stripes, Dirt Bombs, The Love Me Nots).


Debut LP "Cave Girl" (self released)
We've been getting airplay in the US and Europe.

Set List

Set list 45 minute to 1 hour.
All original material.