The Thailand Hustle

The Thailand Hustle


If emo, hardcore, pop, metal, jazz, and straight up rock hooked up and had one freakishly hideous illegitimate crack baby- that would be us. Some of our influences are senses fail, finch, silverstein, armor for sleep, etc.


We formed in winter of 2006-07, just a group of college kids from oklahoma state university doing what we do best. We quickly wrote nearly 15 songs and began playing shows throughout oklahoma, missouri, and texas. We recently began recording a five-song demo entitled "Do The Hu$tle!" which will be released as soon as possible.


In early spring of 2007 we recorded a home demo consisting of "The Gunslinger's Heart" and "We Are Awake now." after playing several shows throughout 3 states, We began recording a newer, more professional demo enntitled "Do The Hu$tle", which will be released in the fall.

Set List

We have around 15 songs to choose from, usually we play seven songs which are around three minutes each, and our sets usually last close to 30 minutes.