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Pat started playing music in 1977 in a band called The Konks, a rip off of The Kinks. I played guitar in a 3 song band in grade school. From there I met a guy named Dave Koglin who had a two man band called Dave & Company. We added guitar hero Larry Ceismier to the band. We wanted another guitar player so I went from drums to guitar. We called the band FX and the legend began. We went through many other members - Kenny, Harry, Jim, Derrek, and I don’t know there might have been more. Finally a friend introduced Dave into the band on keyboards. We played out once a month. Around 1988 we added Rick and his brother Bob to the lineup. This was our final lineup. We played out and had live radio broadcasts of our shows. Can you say 93QFM!!! Mark the Shark, Marlin Mee and so on. Around 1990, I presented a demo video to Talent Associates and they signed us. At that time the band this is too much not me lets take a 19 year break and here we are. God help us.
NOTE: Pat sometimes has difficulty putting coherent sentences together. His speaking no good neither.

Tom has played in rock bands since high school. He started playing the drums at the tender age of 9. Self taught himself to play guitar by taking a guitar chord chart from Walker Music where he was taking drum lessons. Self taught himself to play the piano, albeit poorly, he can play a few Beatles songs and other songs that don't require real talent.
He has played in jazz bands, a dixieland band and in a Drum Corp that placed 3rd in the nation back in the mid 80’s. His college jazz band once opened for jazz legend Buddy Rich. He has played in numerous rock bands like a high school band called Tarkus (guitar & vocals) and Beatles Forever (with his cousin Rick) (bass & vocals). Played in original bands like The Mosaics (guitar, keyboards & vocals), Ward & His Troubles (bass & vocals), and One Fish Blue Fish (guitar, keyboards & vocals). He then played in High Roller (also with his cousin Rick) (bass & vocals) and now The Thieves (again with his cousin Rick, man is this getting repetitive) (back to the drums & vocals).
He is a devoted father of 2 boys, Jacob and Sammy, and husband of Kris, whom he loves dearly, basically for putting up with all of the noise that he's generated through the years, practicing, jamming and just playing music at a level that could pierce your eardrums.

Dave started his musical career with piano lessons in the 4th grade. By the time he got to 7th grade, all the old ladies who played organ at his church had retired so he was asked to start playing, even though I had never taken organ lessons. Anyway, it was a great experience to "perform" in front of a lot of people at a young age. By the time I reached high school I stopped the lessons and started playing the music I liked such as "Come Sail Away", "Piano Man", etc. After high school I was briefly in the band "Brillion" with some high school friends of mine. They continued on while I went off to college. After graduation and getting a first job which helped me buy my first keyboard (Roland Juno60 which I still use), I hooked up with some of the same high school friends that were in "Brillion" and formed a new group called "Ultimatum". We primarily played at the "Goodfellow's" bar in Grafton, which featured other bands like Ukia, LP, and Juke Box Hero's. After that group disbanded, several years past when my sister told me that this guy (Pat, who was trying to hit on her) wanted to know if I'd like to play keyboards for a group which became "FX". My first gig with them was in Feb. of 1988 at O'Brian's Roadhouse. We had no PA and sang through guitar amps, had garage flood lights for a light show and just before we were done playing our drummer (Craig) fell off of his drum stool and said "I can't play anymore!" Needless to say I was impressed. After 5 great years and lots of fun gigs "FX" was shut down in Mar. of 1992 at "On The Rocks" in Menomonee Falls. After band life was over I got married in 1994 to Gerilynn and had a son Brandon in 1997 and a daughter Emily in 1999. Now reunited with Pat, Craig, and Rick, and adding Tom on drums, we've formed the group The Thieves.

Started on sax when I was a youngster. Decided to take up the drums and played in several bands including Beatles tribute bands and also the band FX with Pat, Dave and Rick. I since turned my attention to the bass guitar. I now own seven bass guitars. Yes, it is a bit extreme but it was cheaper than owning seven saxophones and seven drum sets. Marriage Status: Married with children. Yes, just like Al Bundy.

Rick began his musical interest when he was 10 years old. The first instrument he learned to play was the drums. Rick's father Darrell played rhythm guitar. Rick and his brother Bob would often jam with their dad. Rick taught himself to play guitar by watching his father play. In 8th grade he started to form a band with his brother Bob who played bass. Unfortunately, Rick and his brother had difficulty fi